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Sunday, December 4, 2016
Cruelty Free

I don't know about you, but my skin really takes a turn for the worse in the winter. I have naturally dry skin anyways, but when you add in the cold temps outside and heat blasting all day inside - it makes for a really uncomfortable season. 

Every year I've tried new products or methods to combat the feeling of tight and flaky winter skin, and this year, I think I have finally found some winners to add to my routine.

Glow Tonic

After removing my makeup and cleaning my face with my typical cleanser (this or this), I've started using the Pixi Glow Tonic with simple cotton pads to really clean anything left over and balance out some of the redness in my skin. 

This product is available in 15 / 100 / 250 ml and ranges in price from $6 - $29. I love when companies make trial sized versions of their products - it makes it so much easier to try them out before committing to a full size version at full price! I opted for the $15 (medium sized) tonic that was available at my local Target.

The Glow Tonic has been really nice to use so far. I've noticed it really gets off any left over makeup that lingers behind after cleansing. It does start to tingle a bit, but that makes me feel like it is really working ;) 

Mineral Fusion

Then comes the moisturizing step - my favorite, because it gives instant relief to my dry skin after washing it. 

I've used Vitamin E oil for years now, especially on the skin around my nose - which is the place that gets the worst in the winter. The high potency, "thick stuff" seems to work the best for me (not surprising), but I've recently been trying to use up this bottle of Jason Skin Oil, which is a bit more "watered down". I do like the brand, I just will be sure to pick up the extra strength one next time.

After putting that around my nose (and sometimes on my lips), I have been using S.W. Basics Cream all over my face. To those of you that know this product, that might sound crazy because it is very oily and basically greases up my whole face...but that is EXACTLY what I need! So many of the moisturizers that I've tried are literally sucked up into my skin within minutes of putting them on, and this lasts for ages. 

This is another brand that a smaller, cheaper sample size was available - which I am grateful for! I was able to pick up this tiny jar to try out for under $10 from Target. I was a bit worried it wouldn't last long because it is only .7 oz...but let me tell you, this stuff goes a long way. I can't imagine how long the full sized (3 oz) jar will last! A dime sized amount is plenty for my entire face. Also, I love that it has virtually no scent and is made up of only 3 ingredients - shea butter, organic coconut oil, and organic olive oil - that's it! This stuff is the golden ticket for me, I am so glad I gave it a try. 

Finally, I picked up the Mineral Fusion Intense Hydration Face Cream off Amazon after doing a bit of research and reading great reviews. I have yet to try i (because I like to try one thing at a time to make sure I know what is working and what isn't), but once I am done with the S.W. Basics Cream, I will give this a go. If anything, it might even work well as a daytime moisturizer in the morning before makeup! Yes, my skin seriously does need that much help ;) 

What are you winter-time skin care favorites??
*As always, all products (and companies) mentioned in my beauty posts are cruelty free. 



  1. Take or three days of your exercising time table to workout different parts of the frame.

  2. My skin definitely takes a turn for the worst in the winter too and I struggle with dryness and redness. I'm definitely going to look for that SW Basics cream when I'm at Target, because it sounds like it would be perfect for the super dry areas.

  3. okay, i just started using the Pixi Glow Tonic - i read someone suggest using your hands but maybe i will try with the cotton pads as i don't see what it is doing right now lol.

  4. Thanks for sharing these products! I also have very dry skin in the winter and a mild case of eczema! It seems like nothing that I ever use "sticks" long enough to keep working on my skin!

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