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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

I might not have mentioned it on here, but one of my goals for 2017 was to read 12 books -- one a month. That might not seem like a lot, but last year I read a grand total of three (yikes) it will be a vast improvement from that. I want to make time to read because I have always loved it, and my busy life has gotten in the way the past couple years. But since I'm done with grad school and am no longer forced to read things that are dull and uninteresting, now I want to focus this year on getting through some good books, both new and old.

First up on my list for January was The Woman in Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware. I loved reading The Girl on the Train last year, and this book seemed to be very similar in genre and style, so I figured I would enjoy it...and I was right.

Quick Synopisis //
This story follows Lo Blacklock. She is a journalist for a travel magazine, who has found herself on an exclusive cruise ship in the North Sea, set to network and write a piece on the experience - hoping to advance here career with this opportunity. 

Her first night on the ship, Lo hears what she believes to be a woman being thrown overboard...and then realizes the woman in the cabin next door to hers (Cabin 10 - who would have guessed?) is missing. But turns out all crew and guests are accounted for - so who was this woman she had seen and what happened to her?

Lo scrambles to get help and find clues, just trying to help the missing woman. However, with this meddling, she digs herself deeper and deeper into a dark and twisted consipracy, ending up in danger herself. 

My Thoughts // 4.5 stars
This story kept me really engaged the entire time, it was hard to put down - which is what I look for in a book! Once I got near the end, I powered through and had to finish because I needed to know what happened. I am usually pretty good at figuring thriller mystery novels out before reaching the end, but this one kept me guessing! I really enjoyed that Ware's writing and the clues throughout the book that kept you on your toes and questioning what was truly going on. 

Up Next //
I need to visit the bookstore this week to pick up my next book, but here are some that are on the list to check out...let me know your suggestions!!





  1. I thought this was such a good suspense too, and you're right that once you get to the end you really can't stop reading!

  2. Okay, you've got me wanting to check this out! Thanks for the book recc, doll! Can't wait to see what ya read next.

  3. 12 books is an awesome goal! you go girl. this book is on my list so hopefully i'll get to it soon!

  4. Adding this to my list of wants to read! I loved a girl on a train. Last year my goal was to read more... then came pregnancy exhaustion and moving and baby and reading never happened. Ha!


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