Bumpdate // 2nd Trimester

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Now that I've made my way into the 3rd Trimester (crazy!), I thought I'd do a quick update on how the 2nd Trimester went. It's going by so quickly, I can't believe it. I will be 30 weeks tomorrow, so only like 70 more days to go - and that is if she holds on for the entire time! 

We had a bit of a scare the other day with my blood pressure during one of my routine OB checkups. But, after checking and double checking, everything seems to be fine. Keeping a close eye on it though!

Gender // Girl

Maternity Clothes // Mostly - loving my Blanqi leggings and Liz Lange tank tops!

Stretch Marks // None

Belly button in or out // In... but getting pretty sore, so I think it is making its way out. 

Sleep // Sleep was better for a bit at the beginning of the second trimester...then got worse. I wasn't as exhausted during the day, which was nice, but by each evening I definitely felt wiped out. Now, I am pretty restless all night and considering one of those body pillows to try and help.

Best moments // My favorite parts of the second trimester have been feeling movement, finding out she was a girl, and starting to purchase things for the nursery.

Symptoms // Where do I start? Sore abdomen and groin muscles, forgetfulness, sporadic sciatica pain, rib pain (starting at 27 weeks), swollen fingers, and getting majorly out of breath. Oh, and don't forget that damn heartburn.

Miss Anything // Sleep - but we all know that isn't going to get any better once she is born! ;) Also, being able to bend over and move around with ease, and without grunting haha!

Movement // Constant and getting stronger every day - I love it! I really started to feel it around 21 weeks. Now, she's up high and kicking/flipping around my ribs most of the time...which doesn't always feel the nicest, but I still love it. Probably one of my favorite parts of pregnancy.

Cravings // Feeling thirsty a lot, so trying to keep up with the water intake all day long. No real food cravings.

Queasy or sick // Nope

Looking forward to // Continuing to work on the nursery - can't wait to share pictures once it is done! And having my baby showers in the next few weeks. xx 


  1. i've heard those body pillows are magical, so i would totally try one. i take my sleep very seriously, i will probably order one immediately haha. sorry about your scare, hope things to continue to go well there.

  2. You are so pretty! I'm so glad everything was okay with your doctor appointment & it sounds like everything is going so well- I can only imagine how amazing it is to feel the kicking.


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