March Favorites

Wednesday, April 5, 2017
Sorry for my lack of posting the past week or so - life has gotten the better of me...mainly in the pregnancy department. We've been very busy and this third trimester is making everything seem a bit harder to accomplish. 

But enough with the whining and excuses...let's get on to some of my March favorites! ;)

// Wint-O-Green Lifesavers
Hello first major pregnancy craving! I hadn't really had any cravings up until now...but I had one of these mints the other day and then immediately had to go out and buy myself a big bag...which I won't be doing again, because I already ate them all!

// VS Pajama Set
Since sleep hasn't been going to well these days, I decided I needed to treat myself to a new set of really comfy pjs. I settled on this pair from Victoria's Secret since they are a fun bright coral color for spring, and they are SO SOFT. Bonus - sized up so I can wear them until delivery and they can come to the hospital with me.

// Beauty & The Beast
Amazing. This remake was honestly so good and I'm so glad we went to see it in theaters. Aaron is a trooper for going with me ;) Everything about it was gorgeous and it made me really nostalgic since the animated original is from my childhood. I even cried a couple times - which my husband thought was hilarious and I am still blaming on pregnancy hormones haha

// Pixi Flawless Finishing Powder
I picked this up to keep in my purse for touch-ups throughout the day and I am loving it! It was a bit pricey for "drugstore" makeup, but the quality is well worth the price tag. It is truly translucent and sets your makeup perfectly, and the sponge that comes with it is even nice (which, as you ladies know, is very rare!)

// GLOW Airbrush Tanning
If you are in Columbus, this is the only place to go and get a spray tan. The owner, Jennifer, is extremely friendly and professional, and the spray tans are such high quality! I was worried when I first went to get one since my skin is so fair, but it turned out perfectly and looked like such a natural tan. I have gotten then many times now and used her for my engagement pictures, my wedding day, and will be getting one for my maternity pictures this weekend!   


  1. Mints are so addicting- I don't blame you for eating an entire bag, haha. Those pajamas look so cozy and sound perfect for taking to the hospital with you. I'm so excited to (eventually) see Beauty & the Beast! I've heard nothing but amazing reviews!

  2. Still haven't seen B&B and I really want to!! Those are my favorite mints too! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston


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