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Thursday, August 24, 2017

Happy Friday! I look forward to the weekends even more now because it means two full days that I get to spend with my little Marin <3 

What fun plans do you have for the weekend? We will be running back and forth to soccer games on both Saturday and Sunday for a tournament that Aubrey has, so hopefully we get some nice weather! I would love for it to be sunny, but cooler - I can't wait for fall...who's with me? 

I've seen this post floating around on some of my favorite bloggers sites, and I always enjoy reading them. And who doesn't like filling out a little quiz about themselves? ;) Feel free to copy and paste to create your own post...I'd love to read them and get to know everyone more! xx 

Favorite foods //
Brie (well let's be real...cheese in general)

Things I'd never give up //
My dogs

Favorite cocktails //
Moscow mule
Anything mixed with Grey Goose

Favorite movies //
Pride & Prejudice
Harry Potter (all of them - don't make me pick one)
Safe Haven

Simple pleasures in life //
Starbucks iced coffee
Eucalyptus Spearmint candle
The outdoors - specifically the beach & the mountains

Always in my car //
Phone charger
Napkins (load up every time we are at Chipotle ha!)

Always with me //
My daughter
My iPhone
My wallet

Things I regret doing (or not doing) //
Hopping around majors in college
Not traveling more while I was younger
Plucking my eyebrows too thin in high school 

Most recent places I've traveled //
Asheville, NC (for our wedding)
Philadelphia, PA
Burlington, VT

Most often used makeup products //
Eyebrow pencil 

Things that make me cry //
The movie Armageddon (every damn time)
Animal abuse
Thinking about my dogs getting old

Things that make me smile or laugh //
Marin's giggle
My dogs
Mindy Kaling

Travel wish list inside the US //

Travel wish list outside the US //

Blessings in my life //
My husband
My daughter
My parents


  1. I love these! I am with you on the eyebrow plucking regret. I regret that daily! I always stash extra napkins when we get take out in my car too, lol! Hope you have a great weekend pretty lady!

  2. This is a fantastic post! I might have to do something similar. Greece and Scotland are at the top of my travel list too!

  3. Armageddon always makes me cry too. it's been years since i've watched it for that reason lol. napkins in my car are a must!!


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