Marin // 3-4 months

Friday, October 6, 2017
Fun in her Baby Bjorn bouncer

Happy Friday friends!

I realized now that Marin is 4 months is about time for another little update. Here are some notes on how she's been doing and growing over the past couple of months.

Size //
Almost 18 lbs! We had the 4 month doctor's visit the other day and she is a chubby girl...LOVE all the rolls. Hilarious moment the other day when I found our her little daycare friend, who is half her size, is almost one year old haha! 

Nicknames //
Bird, Bug, Moo, and Curly - as in the 3 Stooges (this one was started by my husband lol) 

Snuggles with Mommy
Clothes //
Wearing mostly size 6-9 months and I've started stocking up on 9-12 month clothing for the colder months. Next thing on the list is a winter coat! Our favorite main stream brands are H&M, Baby Gap, and Burt's Bees. And we love unique brands and boutiques which you can read more about in my recent post about boho baby clothes.

Sleep //
Sleeping like a champ! I don't want to jinx it...but it is pretty amazing right now. Maybe she takes after her mama and loves sleep ;) She will go to bed between 8-9 pm and typically sleep a good 6 to 8 hours before waking up for a bottle. Then, she will usually sleep a bit more in the morning until it's time to leave for work/daycare.

Not impressed with green beans
Eating //
Still loving the bottles (we use Similac Sensitive). She did try food for the first time the other day...but she wasn't really having it (see above). I think we will leave it alone a bit longer and try again in a couple weeks. 

Appearance //
Chubby baby! And still looks more like Daddy...but she has her moments where she looks like me. She has started drooling CONSTANTLY, so that's always coming out of her mouth or soaked all over her bib/front of shirt. 

Her eyes are definitely brown at this point (like mine) and I'm pretty sure her skin is going to be fair. There are also still days that her hair has a red tint to it - but who am I kidding, she practically bald, so we really aren't going to be able to tell until some actual hair grows in.

The goofiest girl
Firsts //
Holding her head up (honestly, prior to 3 months old)
Grabbing things, using her hands purposefully
Squealing, babbling, "talking"
Eating food (green beans + bananas)

Learning //
Working on sitting up by herself - getting close, but still tips over
Hasn't rolled over yet, but starting to work her way there
Everything is going straight into her mouth now once she gets ahold of it
Tries to pet the dogs (melts my heart!) 
Eating - this is going to be a fun one lol...she tried to suck the spoon when eating the other day and was perplexed what to do once the food was in her mouth!

Bottles with Grandma
Likes //
Ceiling fans (still a favorite) 
Squealing - Loudly. Constantly. For hours. 
Talking to Daddy
Playing in the Exersaucer at daycare  

Dislikes //
Laying down on her back (still)
Being ignored - this is when the squealing starts to take off
Her car seat / driving around too long

*Side note - HALLELUJAH for no more witching hour!!


  1. No more witching hour?! That is major and how did you do that?? I swear my five year old still has it! She is SO cute and have I ever mentioned how much I love her name? Riley is starting to love ceiling fans in the last week, too and it's so cute! Such a good sleeper, you lucky mama!!

  2. She is such a beauty! I definitely see her Daddy in her! Her face with that food is just too funny! I always loved the facial expressions when they start tasting new foods. So glad that she is sleeping for you! Sleep makes for a happy Mama! Still riding the sleepless night train over here! Ha! Side note.. look into a baltic amber teething necklace to limit or completely nix the drooling!


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