October Highlights

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Wow. The months are just flying by at this point! Does anyone else feel this way? I feel like summer was just a minute ago, and now here we are with October already over and the holidays creeping up. I'm not ready for it! Thinking about Christmas shopping literally makes me break into a panic sweat right now!

Anyway, I'm hopping on here today to share some of the high points and highlights from our month of October...

1 // Marin's first Halloween! Unfortunately, she was sick leading up to it, so we decided to stay home rather than Trick or Treat with her big sister...but we were able to get some pictures in costume beforehand! Aubrey was an injured soccer player and Marin was a vicious chubby baby dinosaur.

2 // Aubrey's 11th birthday - we took her to get her ears double pierced, which she has wanted for a very long time! Her goal was not to cry, which she accomplished...BUT right after they pierced them, she ran out of Claire's and threw up in the mall! She made it to a trash can - Thank God...because the last thing we needed was for her to puke all over Claire's carpet haha!

3 // Peter Pan Jr. - Aubrey was in her first play! Her middle school put on a big musical production of Peter Pan and she had such a great time. She was in the ensemble, but has big plans to get a leading role in the coming years. She loves performing and is a natural on stage!

4 // Renaissance Fair with Alissa. The perfect weekend with my best friend...our yearly girl's weekend to celebrate her birthday. You can read my re-cap here

5 // Our 1 year wedding anniversary on October 3rd. This year has just flown by, I can't believe it! We had a lovely date night (first time away from the baby for a date!) and Aaron got me the most thoughtful gifts - a dainty gold necklace with Marin's name and a constellation poster that shows the night sky from the coordinates of where we got married on the night of our wedding! 


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  1. oh, sorry Marin was sick but at least she looked adorable ;) and so cute about Aubrey in her first play. hope she gets the lead in a play soon! and oh my goodness, that sucks she threw up after getting her ears done. but good for her for getting them done and not crying :)


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