Marin // 5-6 months

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Time for another quick update on my little Bird! I'm a little late with this one as she turned 6 months old on November 18th...but better late than never, right?


Size //
We have officially passed the 20 lb threshold! Chunky baby alert ;)

Nicknames //
The most common ones are Bird and Moo.

Clothing //
Still mostly wearing 6-9 months old right now, depending on the brand. As the weather gets more "wintery", we will be moving into 9-12 month clothing that I purchased a while back.

Sleep //
Well, we started having huge struggles in this department. I knew her perfect night time situation was too good to be true. Around the 5 month mark, she started sleep regressing and waking up multiple times a night again. She's also been sick a couple times...and is teething...both of which don't help the sleep situation AT ALL. Mama is tireddd. I have the ambitious goal of trying to make these next few months the transition to get her into her crib and sleeping in longer stretches through the night. Any advice from your veteran moms out there is much appreciated!!

Eating //
So far we have tried...
- bananas
- apples
- prunes (her fave!)
- pears
- blueberries
- green beans (not a fan)
- carrots 
- butternut squash
- sweet potatoes
- mangos
- oatmeal

I recently took her off oatmeal and stopped feeding her solids in the evening because we thought it might be contributing to her issues with sleep at night.

Appearance //
Chubby! Lots of rolls and I love it. And still no hair in sight...bald as the day is long.

Standing while holding onto the couch

Firsts //
Rolling over
Crawling - both army and just recently properly crawling a few steps! 
Pulling herself up to standing in her crib and on furniture
First Halloween (was a dinosaur) and first Thanksgiving
First tooth cut through (on the bottom), and working on a second

Learning //
Still mastering crawling
Eating - hilarious to see what she does with food in her mouth ("chewing" / sucking combo)
I can tell she is going to want to stand and walk in no time - she is determined and strong!
Feeding herself (bottles) - almost mastered at this point

Reading magazines

Likes //
Moving about - won't sit still for one second!
Lionel Richie (haha!)
The dogs
"Reading" magazines

Dislikes //
The car seat
Sleeping (Dear Lord let this change soon)
Growing hair


  1. I'm sure it's so fun seeing her try different foods for the first time. You had a lot of fun firsts this month too-- minus the teething because I know that's not fun for anyone. I hope her sleep starts to get back on a schedule so you guys can get more rest.

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