Friday, June 22, 2018

Marin // 11-12 months

I can't believe this is my last little update for Marin's first year! I won't be doing them as frequently now - I will probably do an 18 month and 24 month one in the future. I just realized I haven't posted at all in June...I'm sorry for the radio silence - life has once again gotten in the way of blogging. I know many of you mamas out there know how it is, sometimes blogging just takes a back seat! 

Marin's first birthday was a huge success. You can read my post about her party here. I feel like she is making huge strides every week - becoming more stable in her movement, trying more things physically (like climbing on EVERYTHING), and talking non-stop...although it is in her own little language of goofy noises right now and not many actual words ;)

Size //
Marin had her 1-year old check up on her actual birthday and she was 24 lbs and 30 inches long. And her head size is in the 94th percentile (not surprising haha!)

Nicknames //
Moo and Bird

Clothing //
She is mainly in 12-18 month clothing now. I noticed the other day that a lot of her 9-12 month stuff was looking a bit small on her, so we are going to have to go pick a few things up here soon. We are also loving hand-me-downs from one of my bffs and her daughter who is now four...perfect for summer time and playing outside! 

Sleep //
Slowly making some progress. If you have read some of my other updates on Marin, she hasn't always been the best sleeper - which is fine, honestly. People make a big deal out of babies and sleep, attributing "good sleepers" to being "good babies", but I think that is total baloney. Sometimes you can do everything in the book and they still naturally have interrupted sleep. It doesn't surprise me though, my husband is a light sleeper and I don't think has ever slept an entire night straight the way through. As for Marin, she has NEVER slept 11-12 hours straight, and I'm not sure she ever will. But that is OKAY. We are slowly making progress to where she sleeps 8-10 hours some nights, and some nights she still wakes up once and wants to eat. And I am perfectly okay with that. 

Eating //
Almost completely off bottles now - she just has one before bed (and occasionally one in the middle of the night). During the day, it is three meals and one afternoon snack, paired with a sippy cup of water. She has also gotten more teeth - totaling 2 on bottom and 4 on top - so most of the food she is eating at this point is "real" food and not pureed baby food. 

She also doesn't like to be fed much anymore, she would much rather do it herself. So I have gotten into the habit of making meals that are made up of little bite-sized pieces of things that she can pick up and chew on her own. She's also working on using a fork, and is pretty good at it - but still opts to use her hands most of the time.

Appearance //
Loosing some of her chunk and rolls now that she is so mobile (and doesn't stop moving for 2 seconds). Still has her little belly - and not much hair in sight! One of these days it will grow - it's hard for me to even picture her with hair since she's been bald-ish for so long! 

She has pretty fair skin, but it is already darker than mine, even though she's not really been out in the sun much. So, I would guess it will be somewhere between mine and Aaron's when she's older. 

Firsts //
"Mmmm" after every bite of food during meals
Eating with a fork
Bringing me the right toys or items when I ask for them (Where's your baby doll?)
Hugging and kissing her baby doll and stuffed animals
Giving kisses when you ask for them (albeit opened-mouthed)
Answers or nods "yes" when you ask a question
Saying "hi" to people
Accident - running face first off the sofa :( 

Learning //
Climbing stairs
Throwing her ball 
Trying to master lots of words - she makes up little noises and conversations, and points and grunts at a lot of things. This week we added "baby" to her list of words.

Likes //
Mac & Cheese
Mommy's car keys
Hanging upside down
Playing outside and running in the grass

Dislikes //
Diaper changes - SUCH a struggle!
The car seat
Being told "No" - huge tantrums & crocodile tears proceed

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  1. Such a smiley and happy little babe!! Growing and learning all fun new things! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston