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Monday, July 22, 2013
For the past year or so, I have been using L'oreal's MagicLumi concealer/corrector for my under eye area. While in college I (naively) thought I was lucky since I never had under eye circles or looked to tired, but - surprise! - they showed up once I started working 40 hours a week ;)

This concealer was a pretty good color match for my skin tone, but is the "click" kind where you wind the bottom to push the product out the top. This type of packaging drives me a bit nutty, you never know how many clicks to do, and half the time a ton of product comes spilling out - which is just a waste.


I dealt with the packaging because the concealer seemed to work alright and was decently priced at about $11.00.

But I ran out again about a week ago and decided it was time to find something else. I wasn't happy paying over $10.00 for a concealer that I wasn't loving...and I'm glad I decided to look because what I found was...

e.l.f.'s under eye concealer and highlighter...for $3.00!!

First of all, the packaging is wayyy better. It is much easier to get the amount of product I need with out wasting any due to the wands.

Secondly, I'm loving the actual product. The color is a great match, the coverage is just as good (if not better) than the L'oreal, and the highlighter is an added bonus. I find it has good lasting power and touch-ups throughout the day are also easier with this product.

Finally, the price. I'm pretty excited to have a better product for over $7.00 less. The only thing I will have to see is if it lasts as long as the L'oreal - but I'm pretty sure that it is still worth it, even if I run out a bit more frequently. I'm willing to repurchase more often since the price point is so amazing!


What concealer/under eye illuminators do you use? Any others I should check out?

xx em

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