Puppy Love

Wednesday, July 24, 2013
Just thought I'd share a couple pictures of our new baby girl, Deedee...who is quite a handful, but such a sweetheart!

Taking a nap...one of her favorite activities!


Taking a nap again (shocking) in my lap <3


Looking stylish on her Martha Stewart pillow (which since has been chewed and washed multiple times) and her favorite Nylabone toy. I wanted to get her a cute collar and tag, but Aaron said no pink and no rhinestones...so she has basic black... for now ;)

Just love her!
xx em


  1. She is still so cute! Sometimes I miss my dogs being puppies, but then again I don't have to wash my floors nearly as often now. Definitely a trade-off! :)

    Your collar comment made me smile, since my husband is actually the one who picked out the pink and the rhinestones for our little dog. She's incredibly butch looking, and he was sick of strangers calling her "him".



    1. Amy- I have already had to wash the floor quite a few times, although not as much as I expected I would! ;) Won't miss that when she is bigger

      That is so cute about your husband picking your pup's collar! I think mine will come around eventually...or maybe I'll just surprise him with it one day ;)

  2. What a cute puppy and your dress is adorable by the way!

    =) Brooke

    1. Thank you! And the dress is actually from Target like 5 years ago ;) one of those things I just have always kept and dig out of the closet from time to time!

  3. What a cutie!



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