Wednesday Ramblings

Wednesday, November 27, 2013
This weekend I broke down and started decorating for Christmas.
I honestly usually wait until after Thanksgiving...but now that Aaron and I own our house, I have been getting really excited for holidays...and I want to start building a collection of decorations! 

But I already ran into the first obstacle...when did Christmas decorations start costing an arm and a leg?
I went to Target with great ideas - and could have executed said ideas, if I felt like spending $300...and that's not even including the tree! Yikes - I guess I was naieve, since I have never really decorated anything more than an apartment before.

I did end up getting a few things and it turned out pretty well, I think ;)
BUT come Janurary, you bet your ass I am going to be there buying up all the discount/clearance Xmas items for next year! ;)

Decorated banister and pathetic tree.
Funny story - Aaron 'Googled' how to prune my hibiscus tree for the winter and this happened...pretty sure it wasn't supposed to look like that, and it cracks me up every time I look at it. He still thinks it's going to grow back ;)

More garland and lights on the bookcase.

The mantle - SO excited to finally have a fireplace to hang stockings on!

I snapped a quick picture of the Target coat I posted about last week...
(Please excuse the ugly work bathroom and the fact I look like a bag lady - I had class after work that night ;)

And to wrap it all up...this little gem!

Three cheers for today being the last day of the work week!
This will be me - running towards the door at exactly 4:30 - if not earlier ;)

Have a Happy Thanksgiving! xx


  1. Loving your mantle and bookcase. For some insane (but amazing) reason Rite Aid has all Christmas stuff 50% already ha. So check out drug stores for deals maybe? I'll be right behind you out that door at 4:30! Have a great Thanksgiving!!

  2. Your decorations look lovely! You have such a beautiful blog! :)

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  3. Love you decor already! So ready to get mine out!

  4. I'm realizing this year how expensive Christmas decorations are too! Hobby Lobby has all their Christmas decor 50% so I'm heading there soon. But I'll be on the look out for some great deals come December 26!


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