Cheers to a New Year: July, August, and September

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Time for another "Cheers to a New Year" post - linked up through one of my favorites...Laura!


Started the month off with 4th of July celebrations. My parents anniversary is actually July 4th {which is super helpful to remember} and it's cute because they get fireworks every year in celebration!

We spent the 4th with our best friends at a giant cookout in the country. I love every minute I get to spend with Abby ("Big Sissy").

Abby and her husband, Zack (one of Aaron's besties) live in Akron - where I used to live. But in May of 2012, I moved in with Aaron in Columbus.  Abby and I worked at the dance studio together in Akron for like 5 years, and I went from seeing her and hanging out almost everyday of the week, to maybe seeing her once every couple of months. It's hard, because I miss her, and my other besties in Akron, SOO whenever I get the chance to spend time with them, I am sure to soak it all up!!

July was also when my life changed forever...because this little sweetheart {and dofus} was adopted! I can't imagine my life without her now!! She is now 7 months old and whooping 50 lbs already - gonna be a big girl - I hope!


Nothing major to report for August...just started {slowly} to transition back into the life of a student.  I took one class - 3 nights a week - to "warm up" for grad school.  I have to say, it's really hard to get back into the swing of things when you have been out of the classroom for awhile. And working full-time on top of it does not help in the slightest.


Excited that one of my good friends here in Columbus opened a dance studio! I hadn't danced since moving and missed it so much - as it was a huge part of my life all through high school and college. It's hard to find time to take more than one class a week, but I'm so happy to even have that opportunity!

My gorgeous besties in the new purple studio!
Owner Leyla {center}, her daughter Babette {left} and my old boss/dance teacher Andrea {right}

Of course, the start of NFL Football can't be it takes up {what feels like} my entire Sunday for 16 weeks. Aaron is a bit more die-hard than I am, but I do love that it's something we enjoy doing together. Go Brownies!

Link up to share your July - September recaps!!

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