Health Scares and a Happy Ending

Friday, December 13, 2013
Well, this week has been a stressful one...but I got through it, and it has all ended well, which is what's important :)

To start off, the other night, Aaron looked at me while we were watching TV and said, "Babe, I can't feel the left side of my face". After a few minutes, he mentioned his eyesight was now going (in the left eye). We dropped everything and rushed to the hospital. I was panicked, because these are all signs of a stroke (but it couldn't be that - I kept thinking - he's way too young right?). 

We spent a good 6 hours at the hospital in the ER from 8:00 pm until almost 2:00 am. It was rough, but we were kept entertained by the drunk man across the hall who had fallen and busted his face open - but couldn't remember any of it, and kept trying to get his friend to stitch him up ;)

After CAT scans, blood work, etc...we came away with the doctor telling us Aaron was fine - no stroke, no tumors - and they think it was possibly a severe migrane. I had no idea they could be so intense! But, we were happy to hear it wasn't anything major. Needless to say, we slept in the next day (2 am is WAYY past my bedtime ;)

Later in the week, I had chest imaging done due to a lump they found during my annual exam. This took me a long time to schedule - as I was petrified to go. My mom had breast cancer twice, and I didn't want to face this appointment in fear that something was wrong. But, I finally made myself do it - and turns out it is nothing to worry about. Whew...hugh sigh of relief.

So, after all this stress was over, we got to celebrate Aaron's birthday!! He turned 37 on December 10th (almost 40 babe - yikes! ;) Many people don't know he's actually 11 years older than me. What can I say? Age is just a number...and I'm an old soul. When we met, the difference didn't matter in the slightest - we just fit.

I had all his gifts planned out (have to be organzied since he bday is only 2 weeks before Xmas) but my plans were ruined when he accidentally found one of his Xmas gifts (Keurig he's really been wanting) in the basement! I was so bummed, because I work really hard to buy gifts that are thoughful and I hate when surprises are ruined...but he felt so badly for finding it since he knew I would be bummed... so I just decided to adjust my gift plans.  He got the Keurig for his birthday, and the orginal bday gifts have now become Christmas presents.

Deedee wanted to help unwrap - but then she was scared. Haha she is going to have a hard time at Christmas! ;)

We both hate store-bought cake and icing - so I got him a mini apple crisp.
The birthday shenanagins continue this weekend...maybe he will get a home-made cake then! (probably not ;)

Happy birthday to the love of my life! The most handsome, and goofiest guy I know, and my best friend <3
{Sorry for the mush!!}



  1. Happy Birthday to Aaron! Love that our men share their birthday's! So glad that you both are heading into 2014 happy and healthy!

  2. I was so scared that wasn't going to be such an okay ending while reading that he couldn't feel his face and his eyesight was going, I would have been FREAKING out. I'm so glad both of you are okay health-wise! Happy birthday to Aaron =)

  3. Ooo so glad it turned out ok. I did know migraines could have these symptoms. Though I know someone fairly young (early 40s) who had a stroke. He is fine now but pretty shocking. I have to have a cat scan on Thursday for an infection in my head due to a poorly done root canal. Oh joy!

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

  4. GOODNESS so glad you are both ok! Always scary to end up in the ER!

  5. Thankfully you both are healthy and well!! And celebrating together!! I'm sure he is going to love all his gifts -I personally hate waiting to give gifts, as soon as I purchase them I want to give it!!

  6. so scary! so glad he's ok. my husband gets stress induced migraines and his vision goes when that happens. it's totally freaky, so sorry you all had to go through that!


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