Earth Tones ~ Living Room Decor

Tuesday, March 4, 2014
Linking up with the fabulous Karly today for Totally Posted Tuesday!

I've been inspired by a lot of home / decor posts I've seen lately...and it got me thinking about my "ideal" living room.

Earth Tones

I would LOVE a big, distressed / aged dark leather chair...I've loved pieces like this since seeing Carrie's chair from Aiden in SATC ;)

I really like the texture and look of flatwoven, natural fiber rugs, such as this one from Ikea - I believe it's called the Tarnby.

I saw this fantastic acrylic coffee table in Hope's living room when she posted about her apartment decor and I fell in love with it! So simple and modern, but funky - perfect twist for a room!

I've posted about these amazing Restoration Hardware faux fur throws day the "wolf" one will be mine, it's only a matter of time (and saving) ;)

As for decor - I love mixing interesting pieces...stainless steel candle holders from Crate and Barrel, a woven Ikea table lamp...and you all know how much I love Buddha pieces - I would scatter them around my entire house if I could. I love this silver wall panel and wooden Weeping Buddha.

What types of decor does your dream living room have??
Hope you are all having a great week so far! xx
Glossy Blonde


  1. I need that Restoration Hardware blanket! It looks like heaven!!

  2. So a dupe for the restoration hardware blanket can be found at TJ joke it's the same plush feel!! We bought one and I use it every night on the couch! Love the distressed leather chair!!

  3. Love, love the big chair. We have a seagrass rug that is awesome, but warning: if puppy gets sick on it, it's impossible to clean :(

  4. Hi dollface!!! Love that my living room table inspired you! It's the best little table...get it girlfriend! Thanks for the shoutout :)! Xx.

  5. My living room is all these same colors (minus that gorgeous leather chair!) And you need to Restoration Hardware blanket it's worth the investment - just make sure you only get it dry cleaned!

  6. That blanket looks so cozy! That table is just too cool! Love it all actually! I enjoy picking out simple/rustic/modern things for a dream remodel - key work dream! ;)

  7. Love this look! Earth tones have definitely been the compromise for my husband and I after we got married, haha!

  8. Yay! I'm obsessed with earth tones :)
    And double yay for the sister shoutout!!!! xx

  9. Great neutrals! Love that cozy throw!

  10. I love your taste! One day I want a big comfy leather chair, one day!


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