March Favorites

Tuesday, March 4, 2014
Good morning Lovelies!

Linking up with Emily and Kylie today for my March Favorites...

March Favorites

1) Laughing Cow Cream Cheese - literally eat it every day for my mid-morning snack (I get up really early, so I have to eat something around 10:30 am because there is no way I can make it from 6 am until lunch without eating in between ;) I love this with crackers, especially Triscuits!
2) Spring Break is next week! I still have to work, but I get an entire week off of school - it'll be so nice to get to relax after work for once instead of running to class or catching up on homework/readings.
3) Cotton On - if you haven't checked out their basics before, you really should! I ordered three shirts a couple of weeks ago and already have worn them each multiple times - with leggings, with skinny jeans, even to bed! They are SOO soft and versatile - and not very expensive!
4) Has anyone been watching Vikings on the History Channel? Aaron just found it on Amazon Prime the other week and we watched the entire first season in a couple of day! The second season just started back this week and it is crazyyy - we love shows like if you like Game of Thrones, check this out!!
5) Unsweetened Ice Tea - I cannot get enough of it! Aaron and I literally go through gallons a week. We brew it at home and then cool with lemon wedges in the fridge, and have a supply for the week. It's probably my all-time favorite drink!
6) Smith's Rose Balm - I have been using this every day since Shelby recommended it for dry skin and I remembered I had some in the back of my makeup drawer! It's great for dry lips, but I've also used it around my nose (my skin gets super dry there in the winter) and on my hands. Such a great multi-use product, and it smells so good! :)
What are your March favorites??


  1. I keep a tin or tube of Rosebud Salve everywhere in the house. It's my favorite! I currently have a killer head cold, and I'm putting it on my nose to keep it from getting super raw.

    Thanks SO much for linking up with us!


  2. My great grandmother grew up on Rosebud Salve and passed down the obsession to my grandmother, mom and then me. Love that stuff! "Vikings" is one of our favorite shows - and season two has been great so far too :)

  3. I can't wait to check out cotton on! Thanks, doll! Xx.

  4. I LOVE the laughing cow! So good and you're right, they make such a good snack!

  5. Rosebud salve is my absolute fave too!!

  6. Oooh! I love the laughing cow cheese on triscuts too! Yummm! :)


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