Five on Friday ~ 3.21.14

Friday, March 21, 2014
Happy Friday ladies! We made it to the weekend ;)
Sorry I've been a bit blog-absent this week...the only excuse I have is that it was tricky getting back into the school swing after over a week off for "spring break".
I am starting to get a bit burnt out...and my vacation days are piling up, so it's about time to plan a mini-break (from both school AND work). We don't have the funds to go anywhere extravagant this year, but I'm thinking a mini trip to somewhere like Put-In-Bay or Marblehead (once the weather warms up) would be perfect. You can rent little cottages on the island...and I'd love to just relax, walk around, and lay out in the sun for a week. Need to get on this though, as May is my "break" from school, which doesn't leave much time to plan.
I'm excited to be trying out a new local restaurant tonight! Aaron and I love finding new, interesting places to eat, especially that are specific to the downtown neighborhood we live in. My boss and his wife are taking us out tonight to Barcelona in German Village (for my birthday - which was in January - haha we are very bad at planning things). The menu looks delicious and I would love if the weather was nice enough to sit on this gorgeous patio!
React Faster...
Curse you Forever 21...I find something I like, and then go back to order the next day, and it's already out of stock (with no hopes of being re-stocked). I wanted this dress for a couple of things I have coming up in the spring (baby shower, parties, etc).
I need to learn from this, and act next's not always best to think out purchases like this - because I end up missing out! Ergggh.
PS...what stylist picked these clunky black shoes to pair with this dress? Fired.
Give In?
Not going to lie - although I get hooked into watching the show sometimes, I'm not a huge fan of the Kardashians. BUT, I have been intrigued by their beauty line.  I pass it all the time in the stores, and wonder if it's any good. Has anyone tried anything from it? I'm interested in the nude lip gloss and the false eyelashes, but don't want to give in if it's really not worth if you've tried it any opinions would be helpful! ;)
Why don't I own one of these already? I try to clean my makeup brushes about once a week, and then lay them flat on a small towel to dry (which I know isn't good for them)...this Benjabelle Brush Tree is so perfect. Waiting for it to come back in stock in white (of course)...then going to order it asap!
Find it HERE
Well, that's all folks! Have a gorgeous weekend! I'm SO excited for some sunshine and warm temps!! xx


  1. Oh my gosh that brush dryer is brilliant!! Are you thinking of Marblehead as in MA or another one?! Hope you enjoy dinner and if you do decide to try the Kardashian line - let us know...people can say what they want about them - but their makeup is always on point!! Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. Gorgeous first picture! Sounds like you deserve a vaca! Love the lace dress too!

  3. Hi, stopping by from the link up! I love the dress- hopefully you can find a similar one somewhere else! I totally agree with you on the black shoes- ick! And I'm asking myself the same question now... why don't I own one of those nifty brush holder/dryers?! Thanks for sharing it!
    Have an awesome weekend!
    xo Always, Abby

  4. Hi! Stopping by from the link up! Totally get you on the whole F21 site never having any of the super cute dresses for more than what seems to be a day. And, yes. Those black shoes? No thank you!

    That brush dryer is awesome! Totally going to pick one up too... great find!

  5. That dress is adorable, sucks it already sold out! Check ebay! Have a fun belated birthday dinner!

  6. Stopping by from the link up. I am loving that brush dryer. Definitely going to have to look into getting one. Have a great weekend. -Shannon

  7. A week away at a cottage sounds divine right about now. Curious about the Kardashian products so keep us posted! And welcome back; I seriously thought to myself the other day I wonder where she is so I checked your last post hah. PS the makeup brush rack is genius! Have a great time at dinner! XX

  8. I love quaint little towns still close that feel like an escape. The best! Take a break lady you deserve it!

  9. I love that brush dryer! I'm awful with remembering to clean my brushes so this would be great to scoop up. Thanks for recommending and happy weekend!!

  10. Such a bummer about the dress, it's so pretty! I haven't tried the kardashian products either, but am intrigued :) happy wknd!

  11. I hope you had a nice evening going out to eat! Better to celebrate late than never! ;) I'm with you... I totally need a vacation! Although you probably need it more considering your such a smart cookie earning your MBA :) That dress is so pretty! And I agree.. those shoes are terrible with it! Lol :) Hopefully you can find something similar to it!

  12. I NEED that makeup holder thing for the brushes!! You know what I probably need more?? To actually wash my freakin makeup brushes. I've NEVER done it. You probably think I'm gross now. You're probably right, but hopefully we can still be friends! ;)


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