Five on Friday ~ 3.14.14

Friday, March 14, 2014
Happy Friday ladies!! This week flew by for me and I'm exhausted (what's new??)

Linking up with a lot of lovely ladies for Five on Friday!


This heartwarming quote I found on Instagram the other day...warm fuzzies...and exactly how I feel about a certain someone ;)  


Hallelujah!! For I have discovered the "sock bun" scrunchie that is big enough to hold all of my hair!
The roll down ones just weren't cutting it - but this one that snaps works perfectly! Win.
You can find it at H&M for $5


Finally getting around to wearing this fabulous sweater that Aaron got me for Xmas - I love it!
And it was warm enough this week to wear it without bulking a big winter jacket onto of it :)


Found a cargo jacket!
I mentioned a few posts back that I was searching for one - and I found one from Forever 21 that is perfect.


I am almost out of my all-time favorite highlighter (MAC's Silver Dusk) and I almost had a heart attack when I went on the website and couldn't find it! But it was just hiding ;) I'll be re-ordering this very shortly as it is amazing and I have no need to even try any other highlighters. Plus it lasts me a million years because it is so shimmery, you only need a tiny bit each application.


Just gonna sneak a quick picture of the Deeds in here, because why not?
She was super excited to get outside in the sunshine and go on some walks this week!

Have a great weekend!! xx


  1. Love that quote and that pretty sweater!

  2. I love that cargo jacket, so cute! And I bet it was a good price :)

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  3. I am DEFINITELY going to be on the hunt for that sock bun! I have long hair as well and try to use the other ones but, you're right-- it just doesn't work well & I end up so frustrated! That sweater looks soo cozy! Love the oversized collar & pockets!

  4. Love that cozy looking sweater AND your sockbun! It's looks super cute on you.

  5. That is one perfect bun! I have the snapping version too -- so much easier. Thanks for linking up with us!

  6. I love your sock bun & cargo jacket! Deeds looks so adorable as always :-)

  7. Oh the beige sweater looks so warm and comfy! Love it!

    Would appreciate if you checked out my blog

  8. Totally catching up on last weeks posts... lol. Deedee is sooo cute! That sweater Aaron got you looks amazing!!! yay for a sock bun!! Easiest hairstyle ever!! :) and double yay for a cargo jacket! Looks great on you! :)

  9. Your sock bun is literally perfect. And I'm gonna have to look into that highlighter! I've been out of mine for like months but I've just been too lazy to find another one!


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