Weekend Wrap-Up

Wednesday, March 12, 2014
This weekend was super busy - but so much fun!!

On Saturday morning, Aaron and I packed up the car and head up to Akron. That evening we went out for dinner with our best friends to celebrate Abby's birthday (striped shirt). It was a great time, but the place - 3 Palms Pizzeria - was EXTREMELY disappointing. I actually have never had such a bad dining experience. I felt bad because it was Abby's birthday and she just wanted an awesome dinner with her closest friends, and the restaurant kind of ruined that. But, we went to one of our favorite bars after and all was good again!

Winter time + Flash Photography = me looking like I'm out of one of the Twilight movies...summer needs to get here asap so this girl can get some color!! ;)

Sunday was my best friend's bridal shower (I'm the Maid of Honor). I didn't host this, since I live out of town it wasn't feasible, so her aunt and cousin planned and hosted. I will be hosting the bachelorette though, which I am super excited for!

Michelle came over early and we got ready together...I did her hair and makeup so she could relax, then we head over to the shower around noon. It was a good time, exhausting though! Events that have tons of people I don't know and have to interact with just drain me...I'm truly an introvert ;)

I'm still editing some of the pictures from the shower for her, but I'll share when they are done!
Is anyone else still exhausted from the time change? I am still tired and can't seem to get enough sleep to catch up!



  1. Don't you just hate bad dining experiences? Glad you had a great time after dinner! Fun weekend I'd say!!

  2. Ha Twilight girl! Reminds me I miss Edward Cullen :) Looking forward to what you have planned for a bachelorette. Ahh they are SO MUCH FUN!!

  3. I hate the flash-white-wash experience! I feel your pain on that one; I'm pale enough as it is, I don't need the camera flash to go and make things worse! Haha! Sounds like you had a good weekend though!

  4. Looks like a fun weekend!!! I hate having that pale picture effect too! Damn winter! ;)


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