Friday Favorites ~ 5.6.14

Friday, June 6, 2014
Happy Friday all! The first 5 day week after having a long weekend always feel like it drags on forever, doesn't it?? I so happy it's finally the weekend though, and since it's our first full weekend at home in awhile, I have a long list of things to get done!

Linking up with Amanda for Friday Favorites! 

Favorite Looks:

Some fabulous spring / early summer looks from some of my favorite blogging ladies!

I have this cargo jacket, and love the dress she paired it with! Such a cute, easy-going look!
I need to get my hands on something similar - does anyone know where I might find a little striped t-shirt dress like it??

Always gorgeous! Love her outfit posts :)
Another wardrobe staple I am looking for...the perfect "deconstructed" boyfriend jeans.

And if this adorable boho tube top wasn't $100 (like really?!) it would be on its way to me right now...

Love her classic and neutral pieces - you can never have enough heather gray!

Favorite Song:

Aaron got me the new Coldplay CD for our anniversary, and it's been on repeat in my car ever since! Love the entire I always do anytime they release an album.

Favorite Links:

 Biana's post - full of great reminders about Makeup Product's Shelf Life

Reasons why being a redhead is awesome - not that I ever need a list ;)

 Gorgeous and unique wooden city maps - would love to have one of these for our house!

Favorite Funnies:

Didn't even realize I did this, and that it was a "thing" that others did too!

Yep. Every time.

I know I've been accused of having this before...
Oh well, at least I'll look younger for longer ;)

Sighhhh...can't wait until school is completed and I can get a new big girl job... this doesn't happen to me anymore ;)


  1. I've never seen any of those fashion bloggers but I'm loving the leopard heels in the first set of photos! Also, your funnies are hilarious!

  2. Andee always looks amazing going to check out Marianna!! Ummm I am totally blushing over being one of your favorite links!! The vacuuming thing - so totally true - will just go over it 10 times instead of picking it up!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend doll!

  3. Yeah I loved this post so much!!!! First of all I'm so glad my resting bitch face will help with that wrinkle prevention ;-) Thanks for the introduction to all those fashion bloggers I love their style! The new coldplay cd is amazing right?? Thanks so much for linking up love! xoxoxo

  4. Andee is my girl crush! She is such a beauty and I love how she pairs affordable with expensive.

  5. Haha vacuum #truth. Love Marianna's style! I saw that red heads' list on Buzz Feed this week and totally thought of you! Have a great weekend, love!

  6. I'm loving those fashion bloggers, I don't normally venture into fashion blogs because it makes me want to empty my bank account so I stay away.

  7. Loving all these fashion looks! Thanks for the blog links!


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