Guilty Pleasures

Wednesday, June 4, 2014
While making my way through my Bloglovin' feed this morning, I read Christa's post and was inspired to make a Guilty Pleasures list of my own!

1. "Girly" TV

Sometimes also referred to as "Trash TV". It's hard to watch when Aaron's around because he hates it so much, but when I have the house to myself I indulge in whatever I can find on Bravo or E!...Real Housewives, Total Divas, Marriage Bootcamp Reality Stars, Eric and Jessie: Game On (love them BTW!), etc etc. And if there isn't anything relatively new on, good old classic SATC will work just fine!

2. British Chocolate

I'm sorry - it's just better. I don't like Hershey's and the like...but Cadbury's...I'll eat that shiz any day. Basically any candy item they make is fair game.

 3. Online Shopping

Duh. No explanation needed ;)

4. PJ Pants

You can never have enough pairs of super soft & stretchy PJ pants. I am a sucker for them, even if I already have 10 pairs in my dresser at home. Bonus points if they hold up their super softness after a dozen runs through the wash :)

5. Instagram

Hands down my favorite app and social media outlet. I never got into Twitter or Pinterest, but I can get lost for ages looking at pictures on Instagram. (Find me - @emiliestorey)

6. Laid Back Beach Radio

My favorite Pandora station...soo relaxing and just happy. I play it all day at work and it makes me realize I was meant to live in Hawaii, or somewhere of the like...a la Blue Crush ;)

Well, that's all I can think of right now without diving deeper into the Food Category ;)
What are your guilty pleasures?? 



  1. Oh yes, girly TV, pj pants (or any pants with an elastic wasteband ha) and online shopping. A glass of wine and a book are way up there, too!

  2. I watch so much trash TV and David HATES IT!! :) So I have to que it up on the DVR for when he goes away on work trips :)

  3. Most certainly trashy tv!! That has got to top the list lol!! I am also snacker - so any yummy snacks would be a guilty pleasure! Such a fun list you put together!

  4. Aren't these kind of posts so fun?! I love yours! I did one a few months ago & I remember being really into chocolate milk then, I actually still am lol :-) & I loveeeee pj pants too!!

  5. yesssssss british chocolate!!!!!! well, australian chocolate too as its the same. i HATE hersheys, so gross. now i want a flake, yummy! i had a flake and curly wurly in disney world / epcot i was so excited but mad i had to pay $5 for a chocolate bar that costs $1 at home.

  6. Haha! I second the online shopping and the PJ pants!!!! :) :) :)


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