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Tuesday, June 24, 2014
Well, I committed a huge Blogger Fail this weekend...I had a busy couple of days, full of family time, outings, and food...but I forgot to snap any pictures! Not even one. Oops!
My mum and dad brought my Grandma, Uncle, and Aunt up for a visit on Sunday and it was so nice to see all of them! I think it had been at least three years since I had last seen my Aunt and Uncle (they live in Boise, Idaho). We had a quick lunch and Aaron and I took them to Franklin Conservatory for a walk around the park. It was a beautiful day, but got up into the 90s by the time we were out and we stopped at Graeter's for some ice cream before heading home. 

Once we were home, we sat around and chatted for awhile watching the first half of the US v. Portugal game...and then ended the night with dinner at our favorite little Greek place, The Mad Greek. The food was delicious - highly recommended if any of you are ever visiting Columbus! After dinner, they all head back down to Newport (they are spending the rest of the week at my parents house and exploring northern Kentucky and Cincinnati). 

I also wanted to share some of my recent online Forever 21 finds - I have to stay away from this website for a least a month now...every time I log onto it, I end up with a handful of things in my cart within minutes!! But I think $80 for five pieces isn't too shabby!

Floral Cami - I shared an outfit picture with this top in my Friday Favorites, found it on Amanda's lovely blog last week and fell in love! Can't wait to wear it with some wide leg jeans and wedges :)

I also scooped up this $10 floral cami (but in navy with white flowers)...I think it'll look great with some white pants, if I ever get around to buying some!

It's been way too hot to even think about wearing dress pants to work, so I grabbed this taupe pencil skirt to add to my work outfit collection. 

Taupe Pencil Skirt

I just fell in love with the white and blue pattern on this dress! Plus, you can never have enough light weight cotton summer dresses, right? Perfect to just throw on when I need a cute, but quick, outfit!

White and blue dress

And I finally took the romper plunge...I've never had one before, so we will see how much I like them. I imagine just wearing them around the house and yard on the weekends...but who knows? I've never been a big fan of shorts (due to my rather hefty thighs ;) but this romper was just too cute to pass up. 

Tribal romper

If I end up liking the romper...I've already got my eyes on two more! 

black romper
blue romper

Hope you all had a lovely weekend! Headed to catch up on weekend and Monday posts now! xx


  1. Oh I love the blue and white dress - I need to stock up on some more!! :)

  2. These are some great finds! I think you'll love the rompers! I got my first one last summer and it was definitely my most worn item! So cute and basically takes no effort to put together an outfit!

  3. Sometimes having a blast you forget pictures dang it! And love those pics! I can't wait to pop this little girl out and lose weight so I can shop!!

  4. What a great weekend, even if you didn't get pics! Love rompers, but why is it that half of the ones from F21 fit perfectly and the other half (in the same frickin' size) are for like 12 year olds with DD boobs? So frustrating!

  5. Why can't you live closer?! We could share closets! & by share I mean I could just borrow all of your cute clothes everyday :-)

  6. Love these picks! F21 never seems to fit me right but I am always tempted by their cute clothing!

  7. They say that you are supposed to stop wearing f21 after you get out of your 20's... since I am 34 ya know... but I am sorry... these clothes are freaking cute! I would totally sport them.

  8. I can't believe you didn't take any pics with all that lovely family visiting! Haha :) Must of meant you were enjoying the quality time! ;) I love those floral tops and those rompers! So cute! Can't wait to hear how they work out for you! :)

  9. there are quite a few things i have been meaning to pick up at f21 myself :-) love your picks


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