Friday Favorites ~ 6.20.14

Friday, June 20, 2014

This week has been a long one...mainly because grad school started back up for summer semester, so I am getting back in the grind and have no free time to speak of during the week (and some of the weekend). But these summer courses seem like they might be a bit more laid back than my Spring semester, so that's promising!

Linking up with many fabulous ladies today for the customary list of Friday Favorites!

1. Pictures of Ladybug

Of course, my phone and Facebook feed has been blown up with pictures of this cutie since she was born...just had to share this one because it's too adorable (look at that little smirk!)

2. Long Hair Don't Care

Confession time...I only get my hair cut about once every 6 months. It's so long and doesn't ever get colored so I tend to just put it off, honestly...until it's so bad I have to immediately make an appointment. It's getting to that point and I've been looking for some good hair-inspiration pics to take into my stylist and had these two saved on my computer from awhile ago...thinking something along these lines...

3. Songs of the Week

Love both of these and have been listening to them on repeat...I will never get sick of laid back / beachy / reggae style songs and if this is a preview of what Magic! has to come, I can't wait to hear their new CD!

4. Links & Finds

This perfect summer outfit I stumbled upon...found Amanda Holstein on Instagram and had to follow her blog asap - check it out here!! Immediately went to F21 online and put the floral cami in my shopping cart :)


 Also found this photo on Leah Jenner's IG and fell in love with her dress (damn you Instagram!) ...but, I should have known better. 
Unfortunately, $200 for a maxi dress won't be happening...

5. Family!

My parents are coming up this weekend to spend time with Aaron and I...and they are bringing my Grandma, Uncle Pat and Aunt Jill - who are visiting from Asheville, NC (Gma) and Boise, Idaho (P & J). I haven't seen them in such a long time and I am so excited for their visit! It will be the first time any extended family has come to see our new house! :)

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  1. Love the hair inspiration. Those layers are gorgeous!

  2. I'm so with you on only getting my hair cut twice a year - so bad but hey it works!! Love the inspiration photos (and think I have the same ones on my phone)!! You're going to crush the summer semester!! You go girl!

  3. Aren't you freaking gorgeous, wow! And I am SOO with you about hair. I hate getting my hair cut. I loathe it. Then a couple of weeks ago I had the bright idea to cut 5 INCHES off (to be honest it was unhealthy) and now I absolutely hate it. I still have not come to turns with it. :( I love your outfit finds, especially the bottom dress but $200 for a maxi is reeeeeeeee-dic!

  4. I love that top! The fact that it's at F21 makes it even better. At what point am I too old to shop there? Hopefully not anytime soon!

  5. I thought that first hair pic was your hair and I thought you lucky bitch! Haha you are lucky to not have to color your hair or get it cute too often! Have a good weekend!

  6. Hah just saw Ally's comment and totally agree - but I'd take either head of hair! Enjoy the weekend with your family, love!

  7. Layers are my obsession. I love getting my hair cut but rarely find the time to do it so I am always re-scheduling my appointments lol! TGIF!

  8. I get my hair cut every 6 months as well. My hairdresser was shocked when I agreed to my massive chop on Wednesday. And to be honest (as always) I am totally regretting it!!!!

  9. I cut my hair twice a year max but I really love your first inspiration photo, that cut is gorgeous and if you have time to style it that way all the time I would say go for it.

  10. I'm the same way with my hair. I'm so terrible at maintenancing it, and it hardly ever gets trimmed. Oops

  11. I hope you had an awesome weekend with family! Kudos to you for taking summer classes for grad school! I always hated taking summer classes! :) I love those hair inspirations with all the layers! :) Oh and that ecard is one of my favs! Lol :)

  12. i hate getting my hair cut. its so fine and thin anyway, but one of my besties is my hairdresser so if she sees me and it needs to be cut... lol. and oh lord, that maxi dress is the most gorgeous thing i have ever seen. thanks for the heads up on the price, no need for me to click and drool now ;)


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