Weekending ~ June 14

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Linking up with the lovely Biana for a recap of this past weekend! :)

Friday night was spent relaxing...getting pizza and beer with Aaron...and catching up on a few of our favorite DVR'd shows.

Then on Saturday, I was up bright and early to head up to Akron. I met up with Andrea and took two of her dance classes ~ barre sculpt and belly dance. It felt SO great to be dancing again (I haven't made it too many classes recently due to my grad school schedule) and I am super sore today - she kick our butts!

 Andrea is one of my best friends - and she's actually how I met Abby and Zack...and eventually Aaron! All thanks to her :) She was my dance teacher when I was a young teenager, and I eventually started working for her at her studio all through college and we ended up being the best of friends! Funny how things work out like that! 

Andrea, far left
Me, red shirt in center

After getting cleaned up from dance (we were sweating like crazy - no AC!) we grabbed a quick lunch and went over to Abby's to see the new baby Cohen <3

She is so incredibly perfect...and I just love her so much! I got to hold her most of the time since they know I live out of town and won't get to see her as much as everyone else. I always forget how tiny babies are when they are first born, it always surprises me ;) I just love their little fingers, and soft skin...basically everything about them! 
Cohen was so sweet and relaxed, I could've just held her and stared at her for hours!


Sitting outside since it was such a beautiful day!

My little ladybug <3

Mommy and Baby Smooches :)

I am so happy I got the chance to make it up to see her right away, even if it was for only a short time. I can't wait to go back and visit in a couple of weeks!

On a side note...I also got to spend time with my first fur baby :)
About 6 years ago, Abby and Zack's landlord found abandoned puppies at one of his rental properties, and they took them in order to find them homes. I fell in absolute love with one of the little guys...he looked like a tiny little fluffy bear, and I took him home with me. I fully intended on keeping him, but I found out my landlord at the time had a strict policy against pets (especially dogs) and would evict me if I kept the pup...it was heartbreaking. 

Max as a puppy - the first day he came home with me

But thankfully - Andrea and her husband Mike adopted him! I love that I still get to see his goofy face all the time, and he has such a great home! He still gets so incredibly excited to see me - it's so awesome that even though he was only mine for a couple short weeks all those years ago, he still remembers our little bond <3

We call him Snaggle Tooth sometimes...you can see why ;)

 Anyway...after seeing baby Cohen, I grabbed a quick smoothie with my little sister, Allison...and head back to Columbus.

On Sunday, we started our morning out with a trip to the park with Deeds.
She loves being outside - and is still a bit crazy and excited when we are around other people / kids / dogs...so she stays on the leash most of the time.

After the park, we got ready and head to the baseball field for Aaron's game. Their team won 18-4 and it was a great game, but I was silly and forgot sunscreen...so I got quite a nasty sunburn :(

I didn't get to see my Dad for Father's Day, but he will be coming up next weekend with my mom, Grandma, Aunt Jill and Uncle Pat to visit! Gma, Pat and Jill are all visiting from out of town and want to see our house for the first time! I'm so excited to see all of them :)

And in honor of Father's Day...here are a couple throwbacks...

Always and forever a Daddy's Girl - he is simply the best and I am so incredibly blessed to have him <3

Hope you all had a great weekend and a wonderful Father's Day too! xx  


  1. Sounds like the perfect weekend! Babies, dancing and relaxing - what could be better!! Love the throwback photos with your dad - so sweet!

  2. What a great weekend! Love the pictures with your dad. And baby Cohen is precious. Thanks for linking up with us! xo

  3. Lovely weekend...baby cohen is so teeny and adorable!

  4. OMG that baby is just too perfect for sure. Max looks like quite a character and I'm so glad your friends were able to keep him (funny teeth and all - it adds character!). Great weekend, miss :)

  5. Aww that baby is so little-ittle. Cuteness. Sounds like a great weekend!

  6. OMG that photo of the dog made me laugh out loud! It's so funny to see how much dogs change from puppies! Glad you still get to see him. And baby Cohen...Ohhh tooo cute!!

  7. That baby is so teeny tiny!! And precious!! Also snaggle tooth is pretty dang cute too. And so appropriately named ;) . Glad you had a good weekend!!

  8. Oh my goodness that picture of the snaggle toothed dog is HILARIOUS! If that was my dog he would get everything he wanted, I could never say no to that face.


  9. Those old pics of you and your Dad are so cute! Sounds like an awesome weekend! yay for getting back in the dance studio! :) And yay for the pics of the baby! She's so cute! :) Oh, and can't forget about DD! She's sooo cute too! :) She looks so happy in the park!

  10. sounds like a fun weekend and yay for meeting and cuddling the new baby :)


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