Weekending ~ Rasta Style

Monday, June 30, 2014
Happy Monday ladies! I'm feeling refreshed and ready for this 4-day week after the past weekend :)

On Friday evening, Aaron and I had a date night and head to the LC Pavilion for the Ziggy Marley concert. If you've been a reader of mine for a while, you know my love of reggae and island music, so I was in heaven. It was an amazing show!! We packed a blanket and found a great spot on the lawn, got a couple drinks and settled in.

He can't ever just smile normally for a photo ;)

New vinyl to hang on the wall in our DJ Room
**If you didn't know, we have a dining table in the kitchen bay window and our "formal dining room" is actually set up with turn tables and records ;)

Stole this shot from Ziggy's FB page ...it was posted after the concert.
Aaron and I were somewhere in the upper-center-left area...I would have loved to be right up by the stage to get great pictures, but I wasn't about to standing on concrete all night.
We wanted to sit and relax in the grass. 
Although, once he started playing we were up dancing :)

Saturday - we took Aubrey and her friend to see How to Train Your Dragon 2...but who am I kidding, I wanted to see it just as much as they did. I loved the first one! And I won't even lie...I cried like twice haha! I think it's because the little black dragon reminds me so much of Deedee - personality wise...or I'm just totally ridiculous and cry during any sappy moment of any movie (even if it's a cartoon) ;) 

Sunday - I had a quick meeting for school and then Aaron had a baseball game. It was a rough one...he played really well, but the team as a whole was just so sluggish and basically playing like crap...so they lost 3-0. 

Later that night we head over to Leyla's studio (Dance du Soleil - which I've mentioned a few times before) and Aaron helped Joe, Leyla's husband, move some electronics around. 
I had fun playing photographer since they were in the middle of a photo shoot taking promotional pictures for an upcoming performance in Las Vegas. Joe is a professional photographer, but he had to work on the technical stuff with Aaron, so I took over ha!

Leyla also found this picture that Joe snapped a few months ago when they pulled me into one of their shoots - love my besties!! <3

Hope you all had great weekends - link up with Biana to share!!
I'm sooo happy it's only a 4 day week! Only 3 more days until long weekend bliss! xx


  1. Gorgeous photo of you 3! I love a good outdoor concert of any type. And I also love that you have a dj room hah. Remind me again who cute little Aubrey is? Great weekend, lady!

  2. Your weekend looks like my kind of weekend!!!

  3. The concert sounds like so much fun and that movie - maybe I should plan a little date for my nieces and nephew to go see it!!! Thanks for linking up and totally agree with Shelby - that last photo is amazing!

  4. my husband would have enjoyed this weekend, he likes the island/rasta music!

  5. What a perfect date night! Lawn seats at a concert are always so awesome! Love the picture of the concert looking at the crowd! Pretty picture of you and your girlfriends toO! :)


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