Summer Wish List

Tuesday, July 1, 2014
It has been such a great start to the summer and we have already been involved in so many fun things! I want to keep the momentum going and really make the most of these warm months, so I've come up with a wish list for July and August - hopefully most of these will get crossed off! :)

** July **

1. Red White and Boom for The 4th of July

2. Dinner Party with Friends
Our friends Leyla and Joe are going to treat us to homemade curry and a relaxing night in with good company, food, and drinks!

3. Olde Towne East Historic Homes Tour
Supporting our neighborhood - plus there are some amazing houses I am just dying to see inside of!

4. Zoombezi Bay Day
Water park inside the Columbus Zoo

5. Ohio State Fair 
Mainly just for a funnel cake :)

** August **

1. Slider Contest / Cook Out
Our friends Lisa and Mike are hosting...Aaron is entering the contest and I'm sure there will be tons of yummy sliders to sample!


2. Lovethang
Annual camping weekend that our group of friends have every summer - a bunch of house DJs at one event = a weekend of great music and dancing! 

3. Stay-cation Week!
My vacation from work and school will be near the end of August! Nothing exciting planned since Aaron can't take any time off (just started a new job in May) we are saving big vacation plans for next summer and I'm taking a week to just relax and reboot at home. And who am I kidding...I'll be doing some major shopping too :)

4. Jimmy Buffet Party
Another party hosted by Lisa and Mike - this is an annual one they hold and it will be the perfect way to end the summer! 

What fun things are on your summer wish list for this year??


  1. Love everything that you are wanting to do!! Can I join?! The slider contest sounds amazing!

  2. I'm with B. - that slider contest, plus the water park and a Jimmy Buffett party? Please!

  3. I just love the Summer and especially all the good eating right?

  4. summer is my fave! ok homemade curry?! yum. i have never had a funnel cake, i have begged KC to take me to the KY fair every year and every year he begs not to. That water park looks fun!

  5. I love that you called it a wish list- I couldn't think of anything so I said summer to-do list for my list, but wish list sounds much nicer ;) That home tour looks like it would be so fun- I'd love to see the inside of so many old homes! And YES to funnel cake- definitely the best thing about any fair!

  6. Great wish list! The fair is always on my summer to-do as well. I love the atmosphere and food!

  7. Slider contest?!! That is such a fun idea!! I am pretty sure I would be stuffed to the brim after eating everything in sight, ha!!

  8. Girl, you have some amazing summer plans! I'm SUPER jealous of all of these! Especially the camping music party! :)

  9. Looks like you have an awesome
    July and August coming up!! I meant to make a summer bucket list last month but never got around to it...maybe I'll do it anyway :)


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