friday finds

Thursday, October 23, 2014
Happy Friday ladies! Joining up to share some of my favorite finds from this week :)

one // slippers
I live in slippers and big cozy socks when the weather cools down, because my feet are ALWAYS cold! 
Love these cute options from H&M.


two // OOTD look
Ran across this outfit post on the blog Magicpoks - I can't read any of the text (since it's all in Finnish) but I love the pictures and love this simple classic look! And it further justifies that I need these Michael Kors sandals in my life...once the weather warms up again! 

three // cardigans 
More love for H&M...they really have some great cool weather finds right now!

four // celeb look
Ummm, she's amazing. That is all.


five // favorite funnies
You know we always have to end the Friday posts with some laughs :)

Our pup does this every morning to Aaron - except it's not wagging her tail, it's licking his face haha!

The threat is real...

This next one is so me...and I'm not even ashamed...
I love finding out what my soul animal is or what Tim Burton character I am, who's with me? ;)

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  1. That pup good morning funny is hilarious AND so true! Happy Friday!

  2. Can I please have those slippers - they look so cozy!!! Hope you have a great weekend girl!! xo

  3. Now I'm spending way too much time on the h&m website! I really don't like socks or slippers, but now that it's getting so cold I definitely need a pair and I love those!

  4. how cute is Blake Lively's bump?! Gah I can only dream of looking that good when I'm pregnant!

    Happy Friday!

  5. Haha the threat is EVERYWHERE in our yard right now. Poor Trey tomorrow on "Poop Scoop Saturday" (a real event here, every Saturday, rain or shine thanks to 3 doggies hah). Blake looks insane - especially in the yellow! Happy weekend :)

  6. Omg those little bear footies are the absolute cutest!! And I need to get my butt into H&M asap... I'm all about some comfy cardis! Happy Friday :)


  7. how does blake lively look so amazing? and more importantly, how can she be comfortable? i love those slippers, and pretty much everything at H&M. sigh.

  8. That puppy good morning thing is sooooo what Jack does! Too funny! I love slippers and cozy socks too! And those cardigans look amazing! Makes me want to go shopping! Lol

  9. I love those jeans and sandals! I've been in search for skinny jeans like that.. Blake is PERFECT... end of story. And our dog Sox does the SAME thing wagging her tail! That thing is lethal! You can hear her all over the house. LOL!

  10. Great round up! Love cozy slippers and that ootd is so cute.

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