wrapping up october

Thursday, October 30, 2014

one // My attempt at home made butternut squash soup (this is a picture during the making, not the final product) It turned out okay...but it still needs some work. The flavor is good, but I thought the consistency was a bit too thick.

two // Fall is for Gingers ;) my perfect color palette.

three // Colder weather brings out the blankets for this pup, who loves to snuggle up and be warm all the time.

four // A rare shot of the two of us together - she barely ever lets me take pictures with her!

five // Beautiful weather this weekend meant lots of time spent outside. Running on Friday, hiking on Saturday, and bike rides on Sunday - all while exploring three different metro parks in Columbus!

six // A+ climber - next up, the rock wall! 


  1. i hope you figure out the soup soon so you can share the recipe with me! it looks delish.

  2. Love the pictures of you and the one with DeeDee! So pretty! Glad your able to enjoy the outside weather! It's been really yucky here!

  3. Definitely wanting to make some squash soup soon!!

  4. Can I have your hair please? You & Deedee are precious!!


emily kay