heart shaped pizza & skull shaped vodka

Tuesday, January 13, 2015
Thank you for all the birthday love yesterday! It was a really nice day - pretty low key. 

We will go out over the weekend, so yesterday we decided to stay in and snuggle with the fur babes and watch the college football championships...and Aaron had arranged for our pizza place to make a heart shaped version of my favorite pizza for my birthday :) 

My gifts were amazing - as always. Aaron is so great a picking things out for me! - he always remembers things that I have mentioned, even if it was ages ago. He surprised me with one of my new favorite movies (I love Chris Pratt) and a bottle of Crystal Head vodka.
The iPhone was my gift to myself - it's okay to buy yourself bday gifts, right? ;)

Snuggle bugs - these two hate the winter cold! They hog all the blankets :)

It was amazing to have a Buckeye win for the first College Football Playoff National Championship! Not only am I a grad student there, but I also work at OSU - so, despite being more of an NFL girl - it has been exciting and the energy in Columbus and on campus has been awesome! Needless to say, everyone was in a great mood at work today :)


  1. How sweet that he got the pizza made in a heart shape! It’s the little things :)

  2. Oh my gosh - heart shaped pizza - so sweet!!! :) xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  3. EEEEK! Look at those two! They are so cute! Glad you had a nice brthday! :) You definitely got some great gifts!

  4. I feel your pain on the dogs hogging all the blankets - it's a battle every night on our bed!! hahaha


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