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Thursday, January 15, 2015
I'm not much of a sneaker girl. In fact, the only pair I own is a basic pair of Nike's to wear to the gym or when I take the dogs for a hike. However, there are a few less traditional sneakers that I have had my eye on recently...

One is the wedge sneaker. I know I am wayyy late on the bandwagon with this one - but I just decided the other day that I might just need a pair. I saw a girl in Target with a killer outfit and realized she was wearing them and they looked so cute and funky!

I'm not looking for anything too crazy now - no metallic, or big straps, or bright colors...just a basic neutral pair.

From top left, clockwise:
Xhilaration Shayenne - Target (sold out)
Generic - Amazon
Brand Unknown - Nomorerack
Top Moda Sammy - Amazon
Aldo Arewia -
Puma Sky - Amazon / 6pm

As for outfits to wear with the wedge sneakers...I found a few ideas from some bloggers and celebrity shots.

Source: Sincerely Jules

Source: Polienne

How do you feel about wedge sneakers? Love? Hate?


  1. My sister has a pair - in fact I think it's the far left one at the top of your picture and swears by them!! She travels and does everything in them!! i think with your picture inspiration you've convinced me I need a pair!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  2. These are so cute on "other people" hah. I'm too scared! I did just order the black TOMS Sahara wedges and I'm trying to get over my weird complex with those ;)

  3. Love them on other people, don't love them on me. I'm not hip enough for that shiz...


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