life lately

Monday, April 25, 2016
My life lately has included...

// New skincare routine
I picked up some great new cruelty free skin care products the other day, and have worked them into my morning and night time skincare routines. I'm going to do a whole post on this once I've given them some time and I form an opinion on each product! 

// Spending time with this guy
Who is a total doofus and always can make me laugh <3 He has been traveling SO much for work the past month (out 4-5 days every week) and I miss him like crazy when he's gone. So we really try to make the most of the weekends when he is home. Envious of families that get to spend week nights together right now!

// Obsessing over these two
Always. I can't get enough of them...even though they also drive me crazy on a daily basis haha! But then they give me these sweet faces and snuggle up and my heart melts. 

// Soccer, soccer, and {you guessed it}...more soccer
Spring soccer is in full swing and as I mentioned in a previous post, Aubrey is on a club team now for the first time. It is exciting and we can already see how much this is helping her improve...but the time commitment is WILD. 

Example, 90 min practice last night meant going straight from work to pick her up...we rushed there, I {luckily} was able to get in some exercise and studying for school while she practiced...then we rushed home so I could cook dinner - at 8:00 pm! By the time everyone is fed and showered, it's time for bed. Exhausting. 

Thank goodness the weather has been awesome for the past week though, makes games and practice much more fun when you can soak up some sunshine! 

// Home reno projects
Many things still in full swing...master bathroom, powder room, master bedroom furniture refinishing, upstairs trim...the list goes on and on. I'm hoping we can get some of these things wrapped up this weekend so I can start sharing pictures!! Here is a quick peek at the powder room a couple weeks ago after we ripped everything up. 
PSA - taking up tile is a NIGHTMARE ;)


  1. SO excited for your reviews on those skin care items- the shea moisture line sounds really nice. A few of my nieces and nephews are big into sports and it's always crazy to me how everyone manages to balance their time. Can't wait to see the house projects-- glad they are all moving along well!

  2. I've been using the Pixi glow toner and I've been liking it so far. Not sure I can tell a major difference, but I dont notice anything negative about it

  3. Phew busy, busy! The hustle and bustle of sports for kiddos is crazy! I'm not sure I look forward to those days. Lol. I feel your pain on the families that are together every night... Envious! Can't wait to see the Reno updates!!

  4. Can't wait the see the outcome of the renovations, those before and after pics are my favorite!

  5. Looking forward to your Nyx primer review and hopefully your cute hub-to-be is home more often asap. So glad you have those pups around for snuggles during the week in the meantime ;)

  6. oh i can't wait to hear about the pixi and nyx products because i have been meaning to check those out.


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