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Friday, April 22, 2016
Back with another top five list! This time we are diving into the world of accessories...

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one // gold hoop earrings

Must have. Nothing big or chunky or textured...just a 2-inch pair of delicate gold hoops. I have a pair similar to this from Express, but these are a great option from Tiffany Anne Studios. Side note - isn't "hoop" a weird word? Why do we call them that? lol 

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two // gold aviators

I always find myself gravitating back towards this style of sunglasses. I think they are just the ones that fit my face best. Eventually I will break down and buy a proper Ray-Ban pair and replace my $4 Forever21 ones ;) 

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three // brown tote

If I had to make {the extremely cruel} choice of one purse to have for the rest of my life... it would be a brown "leather" tote. Big enough to fit everything you need to lug around and neutral enough to match nearly every outfit. I love this reversible vegan option from Urban Outfitters.

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four // casual hat

I think everyone needs a good hat to cover up on those bad hair days, or if you just want to throw a casual outfit together. I have two go-to hats. One is a baseball cap from my undergrad alma mater, and the second is a Goorin Brothers cadet cap, which just always seems to work perfectly with a slouchy white or grey tee! 

Runner up: floppy felt hat (definitely would make the list if I had more that five spots to fill)

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five // dainty necklace

Shocker - another gold item. Can you tell I have a preference? I also have a thing for delicate, simple jewelry. You will rarely find me in statement pieces...but I have about 100 small earrings and necklaces that all look relatively similar ;) I love the personalized bar necklaces like this one. I'd also like a simple wishbone like this one by Sonya Renee, or any Dogeared necklace... but this one is my favorite. 

What are your top five must-have accessories?? xx


  1. i go through phases with gold and silver/white gold. and i think aviators look fabulous on you, and if $4 forever 21 ones work.... if it aint broke.. lol. i love big style sunglasses, aviators look crap on me.

  2. I love that tote! I'm on the lookout for a new bag and I would prefer something large to double as a diaper bag! That looks like perfection :)


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