things that made me happy this week

Friday, June 24, 2016

1 // CAVS!!! I cannot even put into words how amazing it has been this whole week as a NE Ohio native and Cleveland sports fan. And icing on the cake, Aaron and I are from Akron, so we have major pride for our hometown hero, Mr. LeBron James. So many feels this week guys!!

2 // Finding dresses for both my bridal shower and bachelorette party - which are coming up in 2 weeks! Check and check.

3 // Got caught up on Game of Thrones - the most recent episode was insane! Not only was the story line wild, but visually I was just amazed with the way it was shot. Do any of you watch? 

4 // Beautycounter for Target - I am so excited to try out this clean and cruelty free line that will be available this fall. 

5 // Thunderstorms on Thursday that were much needed in Columbus... finally cooling things off a bit since it's been WAY too hot recently.

6 // I was introduced to a great new cruelty-free / organic brand the other day. Trying out some of their products now and can't wait to share with you all!

7 // Our second golf lesson is booked for this Saturday. This time I am going to try not to get totally sunburned (like last time).

8 // A quick visit from my sister and her boyfriend on their way down to Kentucky on Tuesday. Added bonus: they had their three foster rescue kittens with them <3

9 // Tea cookies from Whole Foods. I mean, have you tried the vegan gingersnaps??

10 // Cleveland. Who else has 1.3 million people turn up for a celebration parade in support of their sports team? Aaron and I were sooo bumming that we couldn't make it up. #clevelandrocks


  1. Those cookies are so good! I could easily spend my entire paycheck at whole foods.

  2. Two weeks! You must be so excited- and busy! We just celebrated eight years of marriage, and it was such a hectic time for us leading up to the wedding.

    Hope all is well and that you're finding time to enjoy,


  3. yay kittens! haha. and yay for finding dresses for your showers and such, i remember totally stressing over that. i am so behind on game of thrones but i heard it was epic!


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