things that made me happy this week

Friday, June 17, 2016

1 // My flower boxes filled with gerber daisies.

2 // This amazing manand his organization. Please consider donating or spreading the word.

3 // A little over 6 weeks until graduation.

4 // Having the time and opportunity to take a dance class this coming weekend. One of my good friends, that used to own a studio here in Columbus, moved to Atlanta last year...but she is in town for the weekend and teaching at a local studio! 

5 // These Banana Republic tanks – finally a classic, comfortable tank top that can be paired with anything!

6 // Finishing our wedding registry! It wasn’t an easy task – debates over what color KitchenAid Mixer to choose took nearly an hour ;) 

7 // Catching up on The Mindy Project on Hulu.

8 //  Only 109 days left until our wedding <3

9 // This blog - full of amazing vegetarian recipes. Can't wait to try the black bean burger!

10 // Car karaoke with the RHCP & James Corden is the best thing ever. Obsessed. 

On a somber note - I found out this morning that Emily Meyers (of The Freckled Fox) lost her husband, Martin, yesterday to cancer. I fought back tears as I read her post, "Goodbye My Love". I have been following them for years and he just found out about his cancer, I believe, less than a year ago. So heartbreaking...that's how fast it can take you. I'm mentioning this in case any of you follow Emily...please head over to her blog or her Facebook to leave some love for her and their five beautiful children. xx 


  1. I'm obsessed with Mindy - her show is the best! That's very sad news about Emily, thanks for sharing. xx Rox-Anne,

  2. Your flower boxes are amazing - so pretty! I saw that as well about Emily - it's absolutely heartbreaking....

  3. I love the flower boxes! Way to go Aaron!! Yay for only 6 more weeks of graduation! Wait, that means 5 weeks until I have a baby... Lol!


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