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Monday, August 29, 2016

// National Dog Day
It is impossible to get pictures of Deedee, but this doofus doesn't mind the camera at all.  If you think you've seen a picture of him like this before, you'd be correct. I catch him "relaxing" like this multiple times a day.

// Snapchat
I'm finally getting the hang of Snapchat...but only thanks to my best friend who so kindly explained all of it to me when I couldn't figure it out myself ;) I didn't think I would like it, but the filters are really fun and I love the little photo/video compliations that people can make and share every day. (Follow me: emiliestorey)

// Summery Drinks
Even though we are nearing the end of summer (thank God - bring on the fall temperatures!)...I'm still enjoying whipping up some summery cocktails. This rose spritzer is delicious, and I added a few fresh strawberries, just for fun!

// Pinrose Scents
I found out about this brand thanks to Rhian from Wife Life. It is a cruelty free and vegan company with tons of interesting perfumes! I recently used Rhian's offer code (WIFELIFE) for 20% off of this Parfume A-Go-Go Kit. It has two perfume wipes for ten of their , which I thought would be a great way to try them out before buying the full size of any. The cute zipper pouch is also a bonus :) 

If you visit their website, they have also created a really fun scent personality quiz. It takes your preferences in certain images and visuals to help you select the right perfume fit!

// Organized
I scooped up a new wallet and planner recently. I downsized my purse (will share in its own post coming up soon!) and wanted a much smaller wallet - so this Free People Vegan Keyring was perfect. While at Target the other day, this Sugar Paper LA planner caught my eye - obviously, look at the color of it! It's perfect because it covers the second half of this year, and into the first 6 months of 2017.


  1. That picture of deedee is hilarious-- love it! That spritzer looks so good and sounds so refreshing!

  2. I love the filters on snapchat - they are my favorite to play with!! Your spritzer looked so tasty!! xo, Biana

  3. oh my goodness that first picture is fabulous! i love snapchat, i didn't think i would (and it took me ages to get the hang of it and friends explaining it too!) but now i do. i added you!


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