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Friday, September 2, 2016
Lately, I've been screenshoting (is this a word yet?) and making lists of so many things that are on my radar to purchase and try I thought I would share some of them!

First up, I am in desperate need of a new concealer. I've heard good things about both of these, so I think they are what I am going to try next. If you have any suggestions, let me know! (Must be cruelty-free)

I'm also on the look out for a new setting powder - I really am not a huge fan of the elf one I have been using. Since I love Too Faced products so much, I thought about picking up their Primed and Poreless Pressed Powder. 
If you read my recent skin care post, you know that I'm looking for a few new products to add/replace in my routine. Here are a few items that I'm really interested in after recommendation from other beauty bloggers and YouTube videos. 
The Pacifica Cactus Water can work as a makeup remover (and toner, I believe). 
The ice roller is recommended for early morning and before bed - it reduces redness and irriation and is said to help prevent wrinkles.
The Derma E Hydrating Night Cream seems like the perfect fit for a high-intensity evening moisturizer, just what I was looking for! 

Pacifica // Hansderma Skincool // Derma E
Speaking of makeup removal - has anyone used the Makeup Eraser? It claims to remove any makeup with just water - which I find so hard to believe, but I'm intrigued! It's sitting in my Amazon shopping cart as we speak...
Makeup Eraser

I've never used many face masks before, but I'm starting to become more interested. Which ones are you favorites? Since I love Pacifica products so much, I thought there line might be a good place to start. The deep hydration one sounds amazing.
The last two are a little random, but still beauty-related. The first is deodorant. I'm back on the search again :( After some time, Schmidt's didn't end up working for me. Right now I'm using a Tom's of Maine antiperspirant, but it's technically for men, so it has a really strong "manly" smell - which I am not particularly fond of. It's fine on Aaron, but I'd rather not smell like it. 
Has anyone used Piper Wai? If so, please let me know how your experience was. I have had such a hard time with this category, but this product seems to get good reviews. 
Lastly, I've been hearing that collagen supplements are so good for your skin...but when I started looking into it, turns out they are made from cows - so that was a big old nope. I was able to find a few vegetarian/pescatarian versions though...I wonder if they are worth trying? 
Piper Wai // Vital Proteins

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  1. Cactus water sounds amazing- I want to try a few more things from Pacifica so I might check it out. I have the undereye highlight and was really disappointed because it creased so bad and was oddly really sparkly. I'm really intrigued by the ice roller & will be interested to hear your thoughts if you try the piperwai deodorant.


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