Marin // 7-8 months

Thursday, February 22, 2018

My little bird turned 9 months old this past weekend. 

The months are seriously just flying by, and I can't believe we are only three short months away from her being A YEAR old! It really is crazy. 

I'm loving this age - she is so loving and sweet, and it is so much fun watching her learn and master things. I love seeing her personality start to come through too! She loves being silly, especially with her Daddy. 

Marin is definitely determined and stubborn too - a trait she got from both me and my husband. Not surprising to us, she starting walking two days after she turned 8 months old. I knew from the get go that it would happen early, she has wanted to be up and on the move from day one! 

Size //
We are heading to the doctor for her 9 month checkup this Friday, but I would guess she is somewhere between 21-24 lbs. She was 21 lbs and in the 97th percentile for weight (and head size) last time...but only the 7

Nicknames // 
Bird, Birdie, Moo

Clothing // 
Mainly in 9-12 months clothing right now with our favorite brand being H&M. I've started a hashtag on Instagram too, to start sharing some of her cutest outfits - check it out! #whatmarinwore 

I've started picking up a few cute spring time things from Old Navy too - I just couldn't resist! They were having 30% off online recently so I scooped up this top, this bell sleeved number, and these rompers (which she had as a newborn too!)

As for headbands, my two favorite places are Bloom Headwraps (love their tie-on ones!) and the Minted Tulip on Etsy.

Sleep //
Still struggling a bit in this department. It is better than it was during my last update, though.

Over the Christmas holiday, I was able to get her to start sleeping in her crib at bedtime. However, while she goes down perfectly between 7-8 pm, and sleeps for a few hours, she still wakes up 1-2 times a night and won't stay in the crib after that.

I feel like I probably give in faster that I would, since I have to get up at 5:45 am and get ready for she ends up in bed with us after her bottle sometime between 12-2 am (typically). She did have ONE night that she slept an entire 10 hour stretch by herself in her crip - and that was amazing! But, it hasn't happened again yet. I think we will be moving her crib out of our room and into the nursery soon...

Eating //
She's tried so many foods at this point - tons of fruit and veggies, as well as oatmeal, chickpeas, lentils, rice, etc. (all in pureed baby food form). We haven't given her meat, and I'm not sure when (or honestly, if) we are going to. I don't eat red meat or pork, and would eventually like to stop eating poultry we will see what happens.

She has just started eating puffs too! We put them on her tray and let her have them for a "snack". She loves picking them up by herself and putting them in her mouth. We had to break them in half at first, but now she's able to eat them whole.

Appearance //
Because of all the moving she's been doing, my chunky baby has slimmed out a bit! Her cheeks aren't quite as chubby, but she still has lots of cute rolls in her legs. And, shocker...still no hair.

Firsts //
We have a walker on our hands! Marin started walking just a day or two after turning 8 months old. She took a few steps at a time, and now is all over the place. She doesn't even bother crawling anymore, and she can walk straight across a room without falling once! #littlemissdetermined

Other notable firsts - clapping, feeding herself (puffs), making the "Mama" noise (but not really saying it yet - lol) and lots of other babbling noises like she is having little conversations.

Learning //
Getting better at walking everyday
I think talking will be the next thing to happen - she loves to babble!

Likes //
Picking things up and taking them places
Our two dogs (she LOVES them) - Aaron caught her feeding them puffs the other day ;)
Knocking over wooden blocks that Daddy stacks
Reading books with Mommy

Dislikes //
Being left alone in the playpen
Hats and headbands - so glad I've spent so much $$ on them.
Diaper changes
Clothing changes
The car seat (still)

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