Happiness // No. 5

Thursday, March 1, 2018


Happy Friday my lovelies! 

This work week went by pretty quickly - thank goodness. Probably thanks to the fact that we had some nice weather here in Columbus and we were able to get outside in the evenings and walk around our neighborhood with Marin and the dogs. 

I'm likely going to have a pretty quiet weekend, as Aaron is up in Akron for a couple days. My goal is to get some tidying done around the house and get some much needed errands done. Isn't it frustrating how weekends are used for catch-up now and not just for relaxing? ;) 

Anyway, here are a few things that made me happy this week (apart from the warm weather)...

1 // This show on HGTV. I just love this duo, they are hilarious and super super cute. So sad that Season 1 is over, but I'm super excited it has been picked up for a (longer) second season! Also, currently stalking Leanne on Instagram. 

2 // Love this post by Elisha Mae - so inspiring! I have a goal of spending some real time here soon cleaning out all my stuff and seriously downsizing. 

3 // I ordered these light blocking curtains for Marin's nursery this week - hopefully they work in keeping the room a bit darker and are as cute as they look online. I honestly kind of hate window treatments, but we need something in her room for when she takes naps and goes to bed. 

4 // I have been using my current purse for such a long time now...I feel like it is time for a new one. I'm loving this black tote from Madewell. Do any of you ladies have one of their tote purses? 

5 // Picked this up at Target the other day on a whim, and love it! So refreshing and now my go to "I'm pretending it's already Springtime" drink. 


  1. I hope the curtains have been working in her room!

  2. You know what's funny, I've been using a backpack purse for about a year and I literally, this morning, just went to a tote and I'm feeling like i'm not loving it because it doesn't have any pockets inside...and its a big tote, so i feel like my phone and keys are going to get lost...i need some sort of organizer in there. That tote you are looking at is super cute though and you'll always need a black tote!


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