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Thursday, July 19, 2018

EcoTools cruelty free

I love the brand EcoTools - I have used their products for years (and shared a lot of them on here) I was super excited when they reached out and asked to send me their new Glow Getter Box. EcoTools are a cruelty free brand that sell awesome vegan makeup brushes, along with some other bath & body and personal care items. 

As a disclaimer, these were gifted items. However... I only accept items from brands who's ethics I trust, and who's products I already love and spend my own money on. All opinions are my own, and I would never share anything with you guys that I wouldn't purchase or use myself! xx 

The Glow Getter package was filled with quite a few fun things, but I wanted to share my favorites with you here. 

First was the Derma-E Radiant Glow Face Oil. This stuff is so perfect for summer! It moisturizes your skin, while giving you a slight glow and shimmery sheen. I currently like to use this when I'm not wearing any makeup - just to give my skin that little extra "oomph". I want to try it under makeup too when the weather gets cooler, because I think it would be the perfect product to give your skin that extra glow when it starts to look a bit duller in the fall/winter. 

Derma-E radiant glow face oil

Next, EcoTools included some great body care items. I'm always in need of a good body sponge, especially in the summer to keep my feel and heels nice and smooth when wearing sandals. I also love their Ultimate Air Dryer Hair Brush. This is supposed to help cut your hair drying time down by 40%! That is music to my ears... #thickhairproblems

I was also SO excited to get a dry brush. I've heard about the benefits of using a dry body brush before showering and now I will be able to try it out. We are talking skin cell renewal, increased blood circulation and lymphatic many benefits, so definitely worth a shot! 

Ecotools cruelty free

Finally, we have an awesome assortment of EcoTools' amazing vegan makeup brushes. I was sent the Daily Defined Eye Kit and the Tropical Glow Beauty Kit. I swear by these makeup brushes and use many of them on a daily basis. They are super soft and provide flawless makeup application. And I love how easily they come clean. If you are going to try one thing from EcoTools, their makeup brushes should be where you start! 

Ecotools vegan makeup brushes

You can find the whole Glow Getter box here. It is SUCH a good value for all the items you receive! This would be such a great gift for your girl friends that have a summer birthday, or even a special self-care treat for yourself. And it looks like each month, EcoTools will be releasing a new box (sold individually - not via subscription) keep your eyes out for those each month! xx 

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