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Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Wow. It has been way too long since I got on here and posted. It felt weird to jump into other posts before talking a bit about everything major that has happened over the last few months...

So, here are a couple of quick life updates! 

// Baby #2 is on the way.

I'm expecting a baby boy in early August this year! I will be 23 weeks on Thursday...and I have to say, this pregnancy is really flying by compared to my first. Maybe it is because I spend my days running around after a toddler...but I am definitely trying to enjoy every minute of it since it is going by so fast. 

We are still brainstorming names (I think boy names are so much harder to come up with than girl's ones) but I've started doing some shopping, including upgrading our stroller to this one - which I am super excited about! We still have some things from when Marin was a newborn that I can reuse, and this second time around I know what is worth purchasing and what isn't. Maybe I'll do a post soon about newborn and baby must-haves the second time around! 

// We moved. 

We loved our 1890's Victorian home in downtown Columbus, but it didn't fit the needs of our family anymore. So we sold it in the fall of last year, and we are now in a suburb outside of the city called Upper Arlington, in a mid-century split level. We moved in early October, so it's been just about six months.

I'm not going to share pictures quite yet, as we are completely renovating almost every inch of it. It's definitely going to take some time...but it has dream home potential when we are done, so we are very excited! 

// Marin is in full-blown toddler mode.

My little bird will be two years old next month - where does time go?! She is a spit-fire and I love it. There are definitely challenges to parenting a strong-willed toddler...we have entered the time of "NO" being a regular response and tantrums being a common occurrence (over the most ridiculous of things). Just the past week or so, her new favorite thing to say has become, "I don't want that" or "I don't like that". 

I wouldn't change it though! She is determined, more than anyone I've ever met, and that will get her far in life. We are just figuring out how to "manage" it in the meantime, for lack of a better word ;) On the flip side, she also has the best sense of humor and is such a goofy little soul. She loves to dance and be silly, and she loves to laugh. There is so much to love about this age!  

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