Happiness // No.7

Friday, June 21, 2019
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I used to do little posts like this on a weekly, or (let's be realistic) semi-weekly basis. Just a quick post to reflect on the week and jot down some of the things that have made me happy or that I am grateful for.

Now that I have started blogging a bit again, I'd like to start including these posts again as I think it is a really good practice to have in life - a small way to keep grounded and positive

1 // New shows on HBO and Netflix.
My husband and I have been looking for a new series to get into since Game of Thrones is over and some of our other favorites haven't started back up again yet. We recently watched Chernobyl on HBO and were totally taken with it. It is very intense and upsetting, but the writing/acting is very good, and it inspired us to educated ourselves on something we didn't actually know that much about. We also just started watching What If on Netflix the other night, and I can't say I like it - but it is so insane that I have to keep watching to find out what happens! If you have any recommendations for shows - let me know! 

2 // Baby Clothes
I've started getting some newborn clothes together for baby boy, and it has been really fun as things start to show up in the mail. It's a totally different experience buying things for a boy than it was shopping for Marin... but I love all the little small business and even bigger retailers that have so many cute and unique options for little boys now! Some of the places I've been ordering from are H&M, Nordstrom, and Little Miss Dessa

3 // Jolly Rancher Popsicles
Can't stop, won't stop. They are my new pregnancy guilty pleasure and are so good. Just trust me and get you some the next time you are at the grocery store. 

4 // Logical Harmony
I follow Tashina Combs and her site (Logical Harmony) for news and information on everything cruelty-free in relation to beauty. She does extensive research and follow-up with companies to ensure that when you decide to use a product, you know exactly what you are getting in terms of their animal testing policies. She reported some good news this week on Estee Lauder (a HUGE beauty company that owns many smaller companies)...on taking baby steps in the right direction!

5 // Sunshine
It is finally sunny today after what seems like days and days of rain. I'm not going to complain because it cooled things down a bit outside, so the temperatures are now perfect. Fingers crossed it stays sunny and 75 all weekend! 

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