Pregnancy Essentials // 2nd Time Around

Wednesday, June 19, 2019
pregnancy must-haves

I shared a list of my favorite pregnancy items a couple years ago when I was expecting Marin, so I wanted to be sure to share an updated list for this second pregnancy. 

Some of the items are the same as last time (cough, cough....Tums)...but I've also added some new things that I've discovered and been loving this time around! 

Gap Maternity Pure Body Leggings // On sale now for $15-$18
These are the SOFTEST leggings ever! They are so incredibly comfortable that I ended up ordering two pairs (one full panel and one low rise). I got them both in black and capri length, because hello...summer. They are perfect for lounging around the house, or for when you are out and about but want to be comfortable.

Target Maternity Scoop Neck Tank // $9.99 each
I swore by these tanks last pregnancy. They were technically a different brand (Liz Lange)...but these Ingrid & Isabel ones are nearly identical, and I honestly can't tell the difference. I have two white ones and one of the black and white striped. They are the perfect length to wear with leggings, a good quality fabric, non see-through, and great to pair with cardigans, jean jackets, cargo jackets, etc.

All the Popsicles
These are my favorite food item this pregnancy - I can't get enough. Maybe because it is summer? Good thing they are only like 40 calories a piece, because I swear I could eat a whole box some days! I'm loving the Outshine brand ones, especially Tangerine ;)

Burt's Bees Belly Butter // $9.79 for 6.5 oz
The skin on my stomach has been much more sore this second pregnancy, especially around my belly button...maybe it has something to do with getting bigger faster the second time around? Or the way he is laying? Either way, this is one product that has been definitely helping soothe my skin.

Bio Oil // $8.99 for 2 oz
Another great product that I've been using on my skin. This one is definitely a bit more pricey for the amount that you get, but I'm an honest believer in using oil products to help with skin issues (most definitely when it comes to stretching/itching) I think it is worth the price tag.

Blanqi Maternity Leggings // $64 each
Hands down the best maternity leggings, and worth every penny. Super high quality and so comfortable - even in the summer. I have lived in these during both pregnancies, and I even talked my pregnant friends in to buying a pair because I love them that much. I also have a pair of the postpartum leggings from this same brand for the months after giving birth.

Old Navy Maternity Maxi Dress // On sale now for $17.50 
Another item I live in right now...I have two of the black, and just ordered one of the purple "Beetroot" color. These are so stretchy and comfortable, and they have wide enough straps that wearing a normal bra isn't a problem (no visible bra straps). As a shorter person (5'3) I also love that it isn't super long - hitting around the ankle area on me - and has side slits, so it is easy to walk in and not trip over, like lots of maxi dresses!

Insulated Water Cups/Bottles
I've been trying my best to drink lots of water this pregnancy - at least 50-60 oz per day. Having a cup or bottle that is insulated and keeps everything cold and keeps ice longer makes it so much easier to get through those ounces.

Tums, Tums, and more Tums 
My tried and true. If you have followed me for awhile, you know I get crazy heartburn during my pregnancies. I'm actually taking Pepcid (prescribed by my OB) this time around, but I still need to pop a couple of these Tums from time to time, especially before bed. And only the tropical flavored ones - they are the best ;) 


  1. I just ordered a few things from Gap & Old Navy and wish I would have added that maxi dress-- I love when they're not super long! I still need to look into those leggings- I haven't pulled out my old ones yet, but I know they were on their last leg. Ahhh heart burn is the worst! I remember thinking the heart burn and rib pain was worse than the nausea/throwing up.

    1. If you do another order later, definitely pick up one of these dresses! I'm living in them more than any other clothing item lol ...OMG the rib pain this time around - I didn't really have that with Marin, but it feels like they are being stretched apart this time! I hope you've been feeling okay so far! xx

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