Happiness // No.8

Friday, November 22, 2019
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Happy Friday, my friends! It has been a pretty good week. A fast one, but good nonetheless. 

This weekend, I am looking forward to not really having much planned, and just spending time with my hubby and babies. Since I've gone back to working full time, I really value the time I get with them on Saturday and Sunday. The weekdays seem to fly by, and evenings are so busy with dinner, bath time, and getting prepared for the next day... I feel like we don't get much quality time together before bedtime. I would love to know how some of you mamas with multiple little ones manage your evenings! 

Anyways, here are a couple of little things this week that brought me happiness...

1 // Starbucks iced coffee and this creamer
Literally giving my life every morning. Bodhi is sleeping like a champ, but I am still dragging in the mornings because there is always just so much to do everyday, and I feel like I don't get to really relax at night until like 10 or 11 pm. 

2 // Christmas shopping
I love the holidays and gift shopping for my friends and family. I typically get started early and like to be finished by early December. I have been slowly working on it over the past month, and I think I'm nearly done at this point. Next up - wrapping! 

3 // Etsy
Somewhat related to Christmas shopping because I think I've found nearly half of the gifts this year on Etsy, but I've also picked up a couple other things recently too. I bought two ornaments for Bodhi's first Christmas that are personalized and really unique...and a couple small jewelry items for myself (new stud earrings and nose rings). I love that you can find anything you are looking for, and so many interesting and one-of-a-kind items! 

4 // Exercise
It is nearly impossible for me to get to the gym with the way my life is right now...unless I got up earlier than 5 am, which is almost laughable because I am so not that person (aka I love sleep and hate mornings). Instead, I've been doing the Beachbody 21 Day Fix workouts at home in the evenings and they have been great! It feels awesome to be moving and sweating again, and it's already giving me more energy. Excited to keep it up and try some of their other programs too!

5 // The Morning Show
We got a new Apple TV recently, which means I was able to watch this new series with Jennifer Aniston & Steve Carell. It's a drama, definitely based on the Good Morning America/Matt Lauer situation...and I've loved it so far. There are only 5 episodes available right now, but I plan to keep watching for sure. It's interesting watching something where Steve Carell is one of the "bad guys"...and Jennifer can do no wrong in my book, I love her in everything. 

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