Best of Beauty 2017 - Part 2

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Best of 2017 (2)

Well, we already half way through the first week of January - and I'm popping on here today to share part 2 of my favorite cosmetic items of 2017. This second group of products are mostly eye and lip related. If you missed the first part of this series yesterday (mostly base and skin related products) here!

Please share your favorite products of 2017 with me! Comment below on what you loved and found yourself using over and over! 

*Every product mentioned in this post is from a cruelty-free company. 

Eyebrow Product //
Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz is my current go-to eyebrow product. I've tried many, and I do like some of ABH's other brow items, but this pencil is my favorite so far - mainly because it comes in the perfect color for me (it's hard for redheads to find shades that work) and it is quick and convenient. I also like her brow powder, but that is much more involved and takes much longer for me to apply. And this mama doesn't have that kind of time anymore!

Eye Shadow //
The Balm Overshadow in No Money No Honey (stupid name). I purchase this shadow to be a brow bone and inner corner highlight on my eyes and it is amazing. I was skeptical, since I had to order online without getting to see or swatch it in person, but I'm glad I did because it has turned out to be the best of this year! High quality, blendable, great color payoff, and a good price point. Plus, you barely need to use any product to get great results, so it has lasted me such a long time. I'm still no where near reordering.

Runner up - Anastasia Beverly Hills single eye shadows. They are amazing so far, but I only purchased them in early December, so I don't think it is fair to make them the year's best this early into my use. 

Eye Liner //
My favorite in this category has to be the Pixi Endless Silky Eye Pen. I have this liner in three colors - black noir, black cocoa (dark brown), and copper glow. They are so smooth and have great lasting power throughout the day. I don't find myself having to re-apply in my water line, which is huge as that is where it usually wears off the fastest. I love using the copper one on my eyelid too and smudging it out as more of an eye shadow too.

Mascara //
The Balm Body Builder Mascara is my favorite mascara find this year. I've also used the Charlotte Tilbury ones too - which are good, don't get me wrong...but The Balm one is the best. I think the brush is so well designed that it allows for thick and build-able application without being clumpy. It also gives a good bit of length to my short little lashes.

False Eyelashes //
A long time favorite, and they still hold true...the Ardell Demi Wispies lashes. These are so natural looking and they blend right into your natural lashes, just enhancing them and giving them that extra oomph. I like my false lashes to look as if my natural eyelashes are just long and full - I don't like the look of obvious falsies - so these are just perfect!    

Lip Product //
I'm not big into a lot of lip products - I kind of hate lipstick, both tradition and liquid. I stick to mostly balms and glosses because I like my lips to have just a slight rosy color to them, and a nice sheen. So, my favorite lip item is the Rosebud Perfume Co. tube of Rosebud Salve. I prefer the tube version over the classic tin because it is less messy and easier to apply.  

Setting Spray //
The best facial mist I used this year was the Pixi Makeup Fixing Mist. This product has an even and light spray application and gives your skin a bit of dewiness after finishing your makeup. Plus it smells like rose, which is so refreshing and lovely!

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  1. I love the rose and rose copper tones that have been popular! I'm not a huge makeup person but last year I really broadened my horizon with some new stuff! I'd say ShadowSense by SeneGence was one of my favs because I could use it as eye shadow or to fill my eyebrows and it didn't smudge or wear off and it's quick/easy to do. My next fav thing was the Lash Extend! I've always been terrible at applying false lashes! ;)


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